The word gymnastics arises from the Greek word meaning to exercising naked. In Ancient Greece adult men stripped down to do tumbling physical exercises vaulting along with other routines with the gymnasium.
In contemporary gymnastics athletes perform workouts demanding strength agility and coordination - all despite the fact that totally clothed. Males and females contend in flooring workout routines vault the person all-around competitiveness and also the workforce function.
Guys also contend during the horizontal bar also known as the significant bar parallel bars pommel horse and rings. Gals strut their stuff within the balance beam and uneven bars
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The Flooring Show Each and every regime must comprise two acrobatic collection

The floor exercising stands out as the most elementary gymnastics event simply because it emphasizes acrobatics electricity and grace. Moldavite rings 2012 In mens and womens competitions gymnasts use as very much within the allotted floor room as you can dazzling spectators with high-speed tumbling runs handsprings flips and also other manoeuvres. Within the mens event just about every competitors program lasts a highest of 70 seconds and generally capabilities three to 5 tumbling passes. The program contains a power or static balance aspect. Rivals can use moves adopted in the pommel horse and also other apparatus. Inside the womens event the emphasis is more on artistry than strength. Routines which last in between 70 and ninety seconds combine tumbling and acrobatic elements with dance moves. Just about every regimen have got to include things like two acrobatic collection one of which incorporates at least two saltos an individual acrobatics collection featuring at the very least three factors and also a gymnastic sequence with at a minimum a few elements. In contrast to the mens event the womens celebration contains musical accompaniment. Rivals are predicted to introduce themes. Because of this most female gymnasts take dance courses.

Individual all-around is gymnastics primary celebration
The all-around competition is a most important celebration in gymnastics with athletes competing on just about every equipment. Theres a mens and also a womens all-around celebration.
Every celebration comes with the major 24 athletes through the qualification round by using a optimum of two athletes per nation.
Each competitor performs one particular routine on every equipment and scores from all six activities are added to determine the winners.

Swingers and Bars
In this particular occasion the gymnast performs a program on two flexible parallel bars balancing swinging and flying as a result of the air.
The gymnast isnt predicted to travel together the bars but is predicted to deliver the results above and beneath them.
Hes necessary to execute aspects whereas supporting his entire body with each arms and also when in an extended hanging place.
Pommel horse - Gymnast works by using only his arms for assistance

The pommel horse will not attribute extraordinary dismounts or double saltos and is the minimum acrobatic with the mens occasions. A routine on this equipment isnt really glamorous but it is gruelling. Inside a pommel horse program the gymnast moves forwards and backwards across the horse - a padded wood-and- metal equipment which has a pair of handles or pommels hooked up - implementing steady swinging and circular motions together with his torso and legs applying only his hands for assist.
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