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Bowhunting Equipment - A Closer Look at Crossbows

Although more primitive crossbows have actually been around for over 2000 years, when they were used mainly a military weapon, they have progressed in technology and uses tremendously. Now we have hunting crossbows that are used to hunt game, match crossbows used for competition shooting and target crossbows used at archery clubs to shoot outdoor, indoor, field, clout and 3D targets. The crossbow has come a long way in its transformation into an example of quality bowhunting equipment. With so many choices, you need to find out which one will suit your needs best.

Ten Point GT Curve

The first crossbow we will look at is the Ten Point GT Curve Package with Pro 40 Multi-Dot Scope. This crossbow has the patented Power Touch 10 trigger, an 80-pound GT Limb assembly and a Verton stock and barrel assembly. This is a highly accurate, fast and dependable crossbow. Because of its compact frame, you can maneuver easily in the woods and load it without a problem. These are all features that make it an excellent example of bowhunting equipment. Some more great features of this crossbow are that it has an S-Glass outer skin for durability and strength, and a high quality scope. The Pro 40 Scope is a 40 mm, zero power, multi dot scope with an adjustable mounting system. You can change the color of the dots between green and red depending on your needs and they are set for either 20, 30 or 40 yards.

Ten Point GT Flex

The next piece of high quality bowhunting equipment from Ten Point is the GT Flex with ACU draw and a 3X Multi Line Scope. With the capability of a 180-pound/13.25 inch stroke position, this crossbow is capable of firing at a blazing 300 feet per second. Tuned down a notch to a 125pound11.875 inch stroke position, you can use it to bowfish or hunt turkey. If you tune it down to the 90-pound/7.75 inch stroke position, you can easily train fist time crossbow users or kids. It includes Power Touch trigger, Mossy Oak Break Up finish and the UL Tri Loc barrel. It weighs just over 6-pounds and is 7-inches long. Also features 3X Multi Line Scope with three line crosshairs, for 20, 30 and 40 yards, and the ACU Draw 50. This helps reduce the draw weight of the crossbow. It is another great piece of bowhunting equipment.

Ten Point Phantom

Next is the Ten Point Phantom with a Pro 40 Multi Dot Scope and ACU Draw. It has an ACRA ANGLE barrel and a Compact Limp System power plant. A high quality stock constructed by Keystone Sporting Arms is protected by a semi gloss that is weather resistant. This crossbow has a 17.5 inch axle to axle span and a 12 inch power stroke, making compact, maneuverable and powerful. This is what makes it such a great example of quality bowhunting equipment. And the scope that comes with it has 40 mm multi dot scope rings that are zero power. Also the crossbow comes with the Original ACU Draw, which is a top of the line cocking aid. It helps to turn even the heaviest draw weights into little effort at all. It also makes the bow draw properly every time and has no clamp on accessories to get in your way or to weigh the bow down more. These are all signs of quality bowhunting equipment.

Hopefully this article has been of some help so you can begin to narrow down your choice of these high quality examples of bowhunting equipment. You can find all kinds of crossbows for game hunting, 3D target shooting or competitive shooting. Whatever the case may be, you will find it all at

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