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If you’re in search of pearl necklace jewelry, the most likely jewels you’ll find are cultured pearls. Natural pearls are an occurrence that doesn’t happen every day whereas cultured pearls are easily done because with human intervention, the pearls grow at a fast rate.

When you’re looking for pearl necklace jewelry there are many types on the market. There are varied types of pearls, different colors, different necklace configurations and lengths. Pearls can happen alone or can be among other precious gems and adorned with silver, gold or white gold.

There are various necklace lengths including: collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope ranging from short to very long. Pearls can be done in single or multiple strands and can come in many different colors.

Some people purchase their pearls at a jewelry store but many people now buy them online. There are a large number of online sources for just about any type of jewel you are looking for and there are many places that will sell you pearl necklaces, pearl rings, stud earrings, drop earrings, pearl bracelets or other accessories with pearls in them such as broaches or hair barrettes.

How do you tell if a pearl is real or fake? There are many types of pearls on the market but a real pearl will feel heavier than a painted bead and will have a bumpier or faintly gritty surface.

When you are trying to decide who to buy your pearl necklace or other jewelry from, look for a website that shares information about pearls, advises you of their grading and that offer you a money back guarantee. Because buying online doesn’t allow you to examine what you are buying, it’s imperative that the supplier allows you to examine your purchase after you receive it and have a period of time to decide whether or not you want to keep it.

Are you thinking about buying a pearl necklace for someone else, this is a lovely gift. Many girls get their first strand of pearls when they become women. Many women receive pearls as wedding gifts or anniversary gifts. Buying matching earrings or a rink or bracelet is also a lovely gift for mother’s day, Valentine’s Day or for a wedding gift. Pearls also make a lovely bridal party gift. If you get a good quality piece of pearl jewelry it can be something that stays in your family for many generations to come.

If you are a lover of pearls you can even join a registry so that you can acquire the jewels you are interested in. Some women have a favorite such as a pink pearl, a black pearl or a specific style like Akoya, south sea or a particular shape such as semi baroque. Joining a gift registry is a great idea because you can tell your significant other as well as your parents and close relatives about the registry when they ask you what you’d like for a special occasion gift. Whether you want one special necklace or want to collect pearl necklace jewelry, there are many different types and styles of pearls to choose from.

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Pearl jam...alive.......?

Ok, who here honestly did not know alive was about surviving sexual abuse when you first heard it? This song was actually the first of a mini-opera that Eddie wrote known as the "Mamasan Trilogy". The song describes a boy who grows up believing that one man is his father but finds out that he is not. He grows up to look just like his biological father and his mother falls in love with the son and sexually abuses him. Yeah, that's what I think it was about. I think I really had to look at the lyrics a couple times to figure this one out.

r u serious i didn't know that thank you

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