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This C-10 is the best one of all, and it comes with a wedge, and pier, blue pictured. This is a f/13.5 and is ready to go, visual back and all. I will even include an eyepiece. This is a rare scope, powerful on planets. Look at Jupiter pic done with this scope. When New they sold for a lot of money because the mirrors were made so well, and you know as well as I do, there is no short cut to producing quality hand figured mirrors. These are definitely higher quality than any Schmidt I have ever looked through. CONTUS bidding only, no oversees bidding and no bidding out of contus. I'd predict, with in a year, it will be nearly impossible to find these famed C-10's anywhere. When they were made, their cost was nearly that of a Volkswagen Bug Car. The optics and craftsmanship was that detailed.  best telescope also comes with a solar filter, and counter weight, full aperture solar filter, seen in cover picture or main picture. There will be a $145 packaging and preparation for shipping cost which is already included in the shipping. This thing takes 4 hours to package, correctly, and cost of materials is about 75 dollars.  INCLUDES ORIGINAL DRIVE CORRECTOR, NOT PICTURED, From Celestron Pacific and it is a big nice one, clean, with all original cables, etc. CONTUS BIDDING ONLY. This is a beast, so allow 5 days for packaging, please. Not sure if you can find anymore of these. They are nearly impossible if not impossible to find. 

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