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This C-10 is the best one of all, and it comes with a wedge, and pier, blue pictured. This is a f/13.5 and is ready to go, visual back and all. I will even include an eyepiece. This is a rare scope, powerful on planets. Look at Jupiter pic done with this scope. When New they sold for a lot of money because the mirrors were made so well, and you know as well as I do, there is no short cut to producing quality hand figured mirrors. These are definitely higher quality than any Schmidt I have ever looked through. CONTUS bidding only, no oversees bidding and no bidding out of contus. I'd predict, with in a year, it will be nearly impossible to find these famed C-10's anywhere. When they were made, their cost was nearly that of a Volkswagen Bug Car. The optics and craftsmanship was that detailed.  best telescope also comes with a solar filter, and counter weight, full aperture solar filter, seen in cover picture or main picture. There will be a $145 packaging and preparation for shipping cost added. This thing takes three hours to package, correctly, and cost of materials is about 75 dollars.  INCLUDES ORIGINAL DRIVE CORRECTOR, NOT PICTURED, From Celestron Pacific and it is a big nice one, clean, with all original cables, etc. 

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