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Mars' true colors. Nasa caught red-handed, Thanks nash0035

Outer space... it's every little boy's dream. Why not make that dream a reality with outer space wall stickers, vinyl wall murals and removable decals that turn the walls of his room into a star-filled galaxy of adventure? Nothing could be simpler than using peel and stick outer space decals to create breathtaking wall murals filled with rocket ships, planets, astronauts and spacecraft. Such wonderful online stores as the Wall Sticker Outlet carry a huge selection of outer space wall stickers, decals, and murals - and with free shipping to boot!

Space-themed bedrooms can be some of the most dramatic and exciting wall decor there is. You can start your little astronaut's room off right by painting an entire wall a dark color to resemble the vastness of space. Not only does this open things up, but it leaves room for all the white stars, colorful planets, and rocketing starships he could ever want. Using today's outer space wall sticker sets, you can find space-themed vinyl wall decals in every shape and size. These wall stickers peel on and peel right off, with no glue or adhesive, and leaving no mess or sticky residue behind. Such outer space wall decor can be removed and repositioned by your or your little one, creating different interplanetary scenes, galaxies, or solar systems each and every time.

And from astronaut murals to spaceship control panel wall decals, NASA themed wall decor is available to put your little space traveler right in the pilot's seat. Outer space wall stickers come in galaxy space window themes, giving the illusion of looking out the window of a spacecraft and seeing colorful arrays of planets and star systems. A few strategically placed portholes and control panel wall stickers later, and your little boy is running his own ship... from the comfort of his own bedroom!

Space shuttle walls stickers are available as well, in very realistic high-quality vinyl wall prints. Launch one of these gorgeous decals against a backdrop of colorful planet appliques, and your child's wall suddenly becomes an outer space adventure. Entire solar system packages are available as outer space wall stickers and decals, giving you and your little boy the opportunity to decorate his walls with your own imaginations. Let him place those stars, comets, moons and UFO's wherever he wants - over and over to his little heart's content! Supplement the bigger wall murals with smaller appliques or peel and stick decals to accent your outer space scene.

And don't rely on just the outer space wall stickers to create the entire theme of the room... not when you can add some easy finishing touches. Build a model spaceship or shuttle and hang it from the ceiling, up against the wall mural for effect. Shop around for some simple outer space-themed decor. By adding just a few space-themed furnishings to the room you really lend to the illusion of being in outer space and exploring that final frontier.

In the end, get your child involved in the decorating process. He'll be sure to have a blast, and with easy to use peel and stick vinyl wall decals, the both of you don't even have to worry about mistakes. Enjoy creating your own universe with outer space wall stickers, and be sure to have fun!

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Why is NASA still using B&W photography for its space-craft missions?

I checked some photos of the latest New Horizons mission from and all I get is black and white stills of many of the shots of Jupiter and its moons.

Is NASA that poor it can't afford color cameras to put on their space craft these days? You would think that with all the billions the agency gets, it could at LEAST afford some luxury like getting a color pic of Jupiter or its moons these days.

Or are we doomed to old-style photography for the next 30 years?

New Horizons can do color. But stop and think. This is not a case of downloading a pic off the net--that spacecraft is hundreds of millions away. And has very limited power--you're probably using more in your house right now.

NASA routinely programs probes to send many BW images--but they also do color. The reason is that a BW image takes a lot less data to transmit. Under the contitions they have to operate, that is important--that datastream is overloaded as it is.

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