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Bond, James Bond, if those words stir your martini then you knows Omega. The official bond watches were made by Omega. An Omega watch is not only known for its status but also is a masterpiece of perfect time keeping.

Omega watches are used in times where precision is of importance and so sports timekeeping is their forte. Omega watches were used as early as 1932 in the Los Angeles games where all the events used an omega timepiece. They invented the first waterproof photoelectric cell as well as the first photo finish camera but undoubtedly their best innovation has been the Omega watch. Since the beginning of the century the Olympic games have been using Omega watches and they have been awarded the Olympic cross of Merit for “exceptional services to the world of sport”. Swimmers and athletes all over the world today rely on an Omega watch to keep their time. Needless to say the watches enjoy a very high level of trust built by decades of delivering

Omega watches not only rule the third planet but have traveled in space as well. In March 1965 NASA chose Omega as the only watch to have cleared the severe test conditions laid down by them. It won the “snoopy awards” in 1970 for helping divert a potential disaster. Omega’s speed master has been the only watch to land on the moon and thus the name moon watch was earned by it.

So what makes an Omega watch so precise - The Co-Axial escapement. George Daniels came up with co-axial escapement design that reduces friction and thus ensures greater precision than a watch that uses the lever escapement theory.

Many celebrities have endorsed omega watches. Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, James Bond and other such Hollywood personalities have been brand ambassadors for Omega. Michael Schumacher, Ian Thorpe and Ernie Els are some of the various sports personalities that lend their names with pride to Omega.

Omega watches dorn wrists of both the genders. Women have been charmed with their elegant designs while the men fall for their sporty image and their sleek looks. Of course the reliability factor is the major advantage of owing an Omega. Some of the well known Omega series of watches are Seamaster, Constellation, Axial, Aqua terra, Speedmaster and of course the Deville co –Axial series. All these watches have the co-axial escapement and most of them are scratch resistance and anti–reflective.

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, thus the company that was considered the last word in watch making, earned its name in 1903. For all those people out there who wear a watch to tell time and so steer clear of the fancy ones in the market, an Omega is for you. Not only does the watch inspire complete faith but also dorns good looks as well as a sturdy body. So if you are planning to be late for work and blame your stopped watch for it, then steer clear of an omega watch.

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Do you believe that ANY of the UFOs are actually vehicles controlled by Aliens?

Today, the British Government released official UFO files that showed MANY unexplained sightings, photos, and videos. The report also pointed out that NASA is currently trying hard to make contact with Intelligent Life in The Universe, despite their claims.

There are TONS and TONS of UFO videos, sightings, and photos.. do you believe that ANY of them are Real? or are every single one a hoax or misidentification?

UFOs and extraterrestrials are nothing new.They have been around since the beginning of humanity.There is nothing new under the sun.It has all been done before.Countless civilizations have come and gone and will continue to do so since the beginning of time.We will make contact with higher beings when the time is right and only this civilization has advanced enough from its present state.Human beings are too warlike and would not use the advanced technology in a wise manner.

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