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Black Office Furniture

Black is currently a very popular colour in interior design and frequently used in both homes and offices. However, some people may steer away from black office furniture afraid that it is going to make their room look dreary, small or dark. Here are some ideas how black furniture are best incorporated into your office, giving it a modern and stylish result without looking gloomy.

Black office furniture can be used in all styles of offices but may work best with a minimalist, executive or contemporary style. The colour black could have a smaller and darker effect on the room's space, it is therefore recommended that you start with neutral coloured walls, this will also make your black office furniture stand out more. Make sure that you make the most of natural light by letting in as much light as you can from windows and adjoining rooms.

Black office furniture is now available in several different materials making them suitable for various styles and budgets. Black desks and storage units are available in a matt or glossy mdf material. Other black materials include glass, e.g black glass desks and cabinets with black glass doors, and upholstery fabrics or leathers used for black computer chairs, sofas and screens.

If you like black office furniture but prefer the characteristics of wood furniture then a very dark wood like wengue, should have the same effect.

When incorporating black furniture in the office you'll have the option to go all black where all main furniture in the room is black or mixing black furniture with wood or other neutral colours. If all major furniture is black, you could introduce a bright splash of colour like red, pink and orange in accessories, lights and artwork.

You can also use black furniture in the same way as above but instead of all black, black furniture can be used together with neutral colours like white, cream or grey.

Another great look is combining black office furniture with a type of wood of your choice. If you are bored with your wooden desks then black computer chairs and black screening can give the room a modern feel.

Another way to introduce black and wood together is by mixing black and wood furniture from the same range, e.g. by putting two storage units together; one black and one wood. You can also find wooden furniture with black features, e.g. Computer desks with black drawers or side panels. There are so many ways to incorporate black office furniture into your office and whatever design you will choose; black office furniture will add instant style and sophistication to your office.

About the Author

I am currently the sales director of the BT Office Furniture Group of companies which supplies office furniture through a group of websites and via a 5000 square foot showroom to homes and businesses throughout the UK.

BT Group's flagship office furniture website is regarded as one of the easiest to browse on the web today. Its intuitive navigation system makes sourcing new office desks and office chairs a quick and visually engaging process.

One of my key responsibilities is to help customers find the right product to suit their office space and budget.

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