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Filter Disassembly Steps: 

Please refer to the product image

1.Put the filter wheel up with the face without any words

2.Uscrew the four screws on two sides

3.Turn up to another side

4.Unscrew the screw of central axis

5.Open the front wheel housing(There are three round bearings, underneath those bearings are three small springs and a brass bushing holds the springs, take care of these three units)

6.Take out these three units

Filter Installation: 

To install an individual filter, unthread the 1.25-inch nosepiece from the assembly to expose the internal filter tray. Rotate the tray so the desired filter location is shown. Install the 1.25-inch filter by placing it on the filter tray and rotating it clockwise with your fingertips. 

Attaching the Filter Wheel to a Telescope: 

1.Using the 1.25-inch nosepiece: If your telescope features a 1.25-inch focuser, adapter, or diagonal the easiest way to attach the Multiple Filter Wheel is by using the included 1.25-inch nosepiece. Thread the nosepiece onto the front plate of the wheel assembly. Now simply insert the nosepiece into your telescopes' 1.25-inch focuser or accessory and secure by tightening the thumbscrew. 

2.Using T-threads: Some telescopes feature focus adapters with exterior T-threads. If you are using such a telescope, you can attach the Multiple Filter Wheel directly to the T-threads without using the 1.25-inch nosepiece. Carefully attach the wheel to the T-threads by rotating the entire assembly clockwise until tight.


Dimensions: 6 x 5.3 x 2.9 inches 

Weight: 12.8 ounces 

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