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New 1.25" Parfocal Ring for Telescope Eyepiece Black Set of Three

They are made of precision machined aluminum with black anodizing. An Allen key & wrench to adjust position is included. They are also extremely useful when used with a flip mirror or beam splitter for photography. To use a par focal ring with a flip mirror you would first use the telescope's focuser to put your attached camera in perfect focus, now slide a ring over the eyepiece of your choice and raise and lower the eyepiece in the holder until it is perfectly in focus. Once you find the focus point that is perfectly matched to the camera slip the ring down and lock it in place using the included wrench. Now you can focus using the eyepiece. This is much easier than a dim focus screen. You just flip the mirror and take a picture! Leave the ring in place on the eyepiece and you can always quickly and easily pop it back in for photography.


1. This set of 3 Parfocal Rings lets you make a set of non-parfocal 1.25" telescope eyepieces parfocal for more efficient observing

2. Eliminate the need to make focus adjustments when changing telescope eyepieces

3. Each black anodized aluminum parfocal ring features three equidistant setscrews for secure attachment to any 1.25" telescope eyepiece barrel

4. With parfocal ring equipped telescope eyepieces you can change magnifications quickly and easily

5. Also useful for setting focus point of calibration eyepiece used for focusing an imaging or guide camera

6. Color: Matt Black


Package Includes:

l 3 x 1.25Parfocal Ring

l 3 x Allen Key Tool

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