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Kenko Astronomical telescope Sky Explore SE-AT90M RD Reflective aperture 90 mm Focal length 1250 mm Desktop type with automatic tracking function SE-AT 90 M RD        


Item Description


[Product Description]
? Style name: SE-AT 90M (Makurotoff Cassegrain formula)
? Kenko "Sky Explorer (Sky Explorer)"

? Series is an astronomical telescope that meets a wide range of needs from the first astronomical telescope to those who want to enjoy astronomical life up a notch.

? "SE-AT" series is a very easy setting, a lightweight, compact auto-tracking astronomical telescope model that keeps track of celestial objects captured automatically.
It alleviates a celestial object introduced with a simple setting from being out of sight. Moreover, it is easy to do assembly work which was troublesome, it is a compact body and it is designed for beginners friendly.

? The lens barrel which is the essential part of the astronomical telescope adopts the Makutoff Cassegrain formula. You can enjoy a powerful celestial body while it is a compact body.
In addition to astronomical observation, panoramic shooting with camera and fixed point shooting are also possible by using optional T mount.

? Using an optional hand controller, you can upgrade to "Automatic Introductory Astronomical Telescope" which allows you to introduce a celestial object you want to see with "Auto Tracking Astronomical Telescope" by button operation.

? Accessories
· 6 x 24 mm finder
Eyepiece (6.3 mm / 10 mm / 20 mm)
· Zenith mirror
· Viewfinder bracket
Camera base (L-shaped bracket)

* Easy assembly! Moving and storage is easy! Desktop automatic tracking astronomical telescope

· Manufacturer model number: SE-AT90MRD
· Optical system: Macstoff Cassegrain reflection type
Diameter: 90 mm / focal length: 1250 mm
Brightness (F value): 13.8 / Extreme grade: 11.5 stars
· Concentration force: 165 times of the naked eye / resolution 1.29 seconds
· Finder: 6 times 24 mm
Eyepiece section: 31.7 mm American size (sleeve, insertion type)
· Single lens reflex camera mountable (T mount required for each camera sold separately · Direct focus shooting supported)
· Base part: Ali type plate
· Gantry system: Circular trajectory type (built-in encoder)
· Motor: DC servo motor
· Operation mode: Celestial observation ... Normal mode
· Automatic tracking mode / ground photography ... normal mode
• Fixed point shooting mode (single lens reflex camera)
- Fixed point shooting cruising mode (video camera)
· Panoramic shooting mode (single lens reflex camera)
· Power supply: 8 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) or AC adapter (sold separately)

? Accessories:
Eyepiece lens 6.3 mm (198 times)
· 10 mm (125 times)
· 25 mm (50 times)
Diagonal (zenith) mirror
· L-shaped mount
· Instruction manual & warranty card

? Product size:
· Barrel ... 120 x 280 mm
· Gantry ... 410 x 290 mm
· Weight: about 5.4 kg


[Product Specifications]
? Sky Explorer series that you can enjoy from the first person up to upgrading
? Automatic tracking astronomical telescope model
? Can be taken with camera if T mount (optional) is used
? Focal length: 1250 mm
Eyepiece size: 31.7 mm
? Barrel Size: 120 × 280 mm / Weight: 1.4 kg
? Gantry Size: 410 × 290 mm / Weight: 4.0 kg

Condition: New


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