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MEADE Astronomical Telescope AZM - 60 Planetarium Soft Set Diameter 60 mm Focal Length 800 mm Akromat Refractor Type Folk Type History Table 003480        


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[Product explanation] ? Style name: AZM-60 (refractor)
MEADE "AZM" series is the best telescope for observing celestial bodies and ground objects.
For a refractor (Achromat) lens barrel that is easy to observe even for beginners, the gantry part was set with a hand carving formula which is easy to handle with up and down and left and right movement.

Adopting a one-touch steel tripod on a tripod where stability is required. It is more resistant to shaking than conventional products and easy to assemble, so it is convenient for field observation.

Accessories necessary for observation are also standard equipment so that you can use it immediately. It is ideal for bright planet observations such as moon and Jupiter and Saturn.

? Accessories
Eyepiece (9 mm / 26 mm), Zenith Erecting prism, Double Burrow lens, Equal magnification viewfinder

? "MEADE Astronomical Telescope AZM - 60 Planetarium Soft Set" is a special set of personal computer planetarium software (starlit walk light II) which is best suited for the simulation of astronomical telescope (AZM - 60) and astronomical observations.


[Product Specifications]
? Easy to use entry model even for the first time
Ideal for ground observation during the daytime and astronomical observation at night

· Set of astronomical telescope & planetarium software
· Focal length: 800 mm
Objective lens size: 60 mm
· F value: F13.3

Condition: New


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