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New old stock 80mm/900mm/f11 achromat lens set in collimatable cell as shown, made in Japan by Towa in the 1970s for Meade to use in the 300 series of well regarded refractor telescopes. We have two of these at the time of listing, both tested the same and equal to the one we kept and the one on our own personal Meade 323 scope that uses the same assembly. 
While there are no ID markings on it we were able to positively identify this because we happen to have a Meade 323 in our permanent stable, shown in the last photo. These came to us factory wrapped but we opened them up to make sure it was OK and even put them on our Meade's tube to collimate and test it. Glass and coatings are as factory delivered. We unscrewed the collimation screws three turns to start the collimation as the cell was all the way down to the outer cell to begin with (as shown in the photos). The star test on all of them was very good, equal to the one ours gives, not much lateral color, good sharp rings inside of focus, a bit fuzzier rings outside of focus, typical achromat slight undercorrection, an excellent Airy disc. Of course you will have to re-collimate it after you mount it on a tube. The OD of the 323 tube is 83mm and the cell is threaded on (factory black tape over the threads in the photos). 
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