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Scope Tech Atlas 60 Astronomical Telescope Set        


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"? Atlas was planned for third and fourth grade elementary school students considering continuing to use even though they became adults. Recommended for adult beginners ?

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Atlas 60 is an extremely popular model that broke sales of 1,000 units since its release in just one and a half years.

The lower model of this Atlas 60, the Raptor series, amazon is also a bestseller regular, ScopeTech recommends with confidence, a beginner astronomical telescope.

I wonder if there are many customers who wonder whether to make it Atlas or Raptor.

However, assuming that you will continue to use for a long time, if your budget permits, it is our intrinsic idea that you want to reach out to this Atlas 60 somehow.

High performance and reasonable weight is the best balance among astronomical telescopes around the world. If you get lost, this is it!

Atlas 60 was developed as the first full-scale telescope that 9 to 10 years old children interested in celestial bodies in science lessons can operate themselves and continue to use even after becoming an adult.

High performance and product creation for beginners were appreciated and received the World Astronomical Year Selection from the World Astronomical Year Japan Committee consisting of the National Astronomical Observatory, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan Astronomical Society, etc. did.

With the high precision Japanese made objective lens, the inner surface processing to make the best use of that lens, convenient peephole finder etc., as it is Scope Tec's likeness as it is, the concept of Scopetech ""looks surprising"" ""easy to use"" , Atlas 60 is the shape formed at a high level.

? High magnification and a rugged platform
Atlas 60 has a maximum magnification of 133 times (Raptor 60 is 87.5 times). The size of the visible star image is about 2.3 times (area ratio).

Generally, if you are interested in stars and you want to observe details such as moon topography, Saturn's ring, Jupiter's pattern etc, I would like a magnification of 100 times or more.

Also, at high magnifications exceeding 100 times, the performance of ultrahigh precision objective lens made in Japan, which is mounted on ScopeTech products, is demonstrated to the utmost.

However, when observing the starry sky with a high magnification of 133 times, ruggedness as high as possible to withstand the magnification and high accuracy are required for the gantry (connecting part between the tripod and the tube). With a weak mount, you can not comfortably introduce or track with no blur.

In accordance with the magnification of 100 times or more, Atlas's gantry used precision parts, Japanese craftsmen carefully adjusted one by one.

The platform of the Atlas 60 is not only rugged. Microtremor handles that are indispensable for observation at a magnification of 133 times are mounted.

? Microtremor handle required for high magnification starlit observation
The figure on the left shows the frame of the Atlas 60 as seen from the side. There are two fine movement handles. Rotating this fine movement handle allows you to move the telescope slowly in the vertical and horizontal directions, respectively.

When raising the magnification up to 133 times, it takes only 1 minute 20 seconds for planets and other objects to cross from the spot to the spot of the field of view of the telescope.

In order to follow that object, you need to move the direction of the astronomical telescope little by little.

However, even if I intended to move the direction slightly, the telescope's field of view will move more than I expected. In some cases the celestial bodies will protrude outside the field of view. Once a celestial body comes out from the field of view, it must be introduced from the beginning.

It is this fine movement handle that is useful at such time. When this fine movement handle is rotated, the direction of the telescope moves little by little. Although this convenience does not convey easily to not using it, in general it seems that there are more people who want microtremor handles from around in excess of 100 times.

This fine movement handle, operation is not so difficult. If you are over 9 years old you can most easily master it. Also, while having this function and performance, the weight of Atlas 60 is 4.5 kg, which is a weight that can easily be lifted by women and children.

As a telescope to go out and use everyday, this handiness is appreciated.

? Support is perfect
With this performance this weight is just ""the best balance"". Besides Atlas 60, it does not exist anywhere in the world searching.

In addition to easy-to-understand instructions, ""Starry sky observation guide"" of 50 pages of all color is attached. For those who are worried about whether or not they can still use it, there is also manufacturer support through e-mail and toll-free number. We will keep drinking until you can see the target celestial body, so please be relieved.

In addition, since useful tips are posted on the support site ""Scope Town"" when using a telescope, please refer to that as well.

Atlas 60 comes with 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Moreover, even if the warranty period passes, we will receive repair and parts support as much as possible."


?Reliable "Made in Japan?
Kubota Optics is proud of the objective lens of Atlas 60, boasting the best technology in the country. We are doing all the processes in Japan, such as incorporation, inspection of resolution by inspection machine, optical axis check, adjustment, to make maximum use of its performance.

?Awarded the world astronomical year selection?
High performance and product creation for beginners were valued and received the World Astronomical Year Selection from the World Astronomical Year Japan Committee consisting of National Astronomical Observatory, JAXA, Japan Astronomical Society and others.

?Full scale magnification?
Three eyepieces and a zenith mirror are included. It is full scale compared with our Raptor 50 (maximum 75 times), Raptor 60 (maximum 85 times), up to 133 times magnification. It will show its power when you want to see planets and moons in more detail.

?Gantry with fine movement device?
A robust gantry that can withstand up to 133 times the magnification has a micromotion device that can be said to be indispensable for introduction and tracking at high magnification. The tripod can be adjusted according to the size of the body with the telescopic type.

[Enhanced support]
Full color 50 pages "Starry Sky Guide Book", manufacturer support by free dial is attached.

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