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NEW! Tele Vue Powermate T-Ring Adapter (1.25"): PTR-1250


Tele Vue Powermate T-Ring Adapter (1.25")
Part Number: PTR-1250

Product Description

Tele Vue Powermate T-Ring Adapter (1.25")
Tele Vue's 1.25" Powermate T-Ring Adapter replaces the eyepiece holder of 1.25" 2.5x and 5x Televue Powermate Barlow lenses and allows users to attach a DSLR or CCD imaging camera, with a user-supplied and camera-specific T-ring, for astrophotography. It threads directly onto the chrome barrel in place of the eyepiece holder and is suited for photography with short focal length refractors.

For close coupling cameras and CCD Imagers with 1.25" Powermate Barlow Lenses. For imaging , the user simply unscrews the eyepiece holder barrel and screws on the T-Ring Adapter instead

All Tele Vue telescopes can be readily used as super-quality telephoto lenses for 35 mm SLR cameras. They can also be used with digital cameras by coupling the digital camera lens to certain Tele Vue eyepieces, using adapters that connect the eyepiece to the camera lens filter threads. For use with 35 mm cameras, you will also need a T-ring that mates to your particular model camera body.

For your newer version Tele Vue PowerMate Barlow lens, this threaded adapter replaces the eyepiece holder on the 1.25-inch 2.5x and 5x models. Just unscrew the black 1.25-inch eyepiece retainer from the optics barrel and the Tele Vue T-Ring Adapter - PTR-1250 threads directly on. The adapter has T-threads to permit the use of a T-ring for connecting a 35 mm camera directly to the Tele Vue PowerMate for astrophotography. 

This adapter works best with short focal length refractors capable of using 1.25-inch visual accessories. It helps provide crucial mid-magnification levels for terrestrial and lunar photography. Your images will be more magnification than prime focus, but not as much as eyepiece projection. For those interested in CCD imaging, the CCD device can be coupled directly to the adapter. This process requires removing the imager's 1.25-inch nosepiece and exposing female T-threads. The magnification power will vary, dependent on the spacing between the top surface of the Powermate optics and the imaging surface of the chip or film negative. When using the 2.5x Power Mate, magnification decreases linearly from 2.5x at a 1 mm spacing to 2.2x at a 100 mm spacing. With the 5x PowerMate, the magnification increases linearly from 5x at 1 mm to 7.75x at 100 mm, and increasing your exposure times. 


  • Works with new 2.5x and 5x Tele Vue PowerMates

  • Tele Vue Powermate T-Ring Adapter (1.25")
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

Condition: Excellent! BRAND NEW! Includes ALL original  Retail Packaging and Documentation.

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