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Vixen Astronomical Telescope Porta II History Table Series Porta IIED 80 Sf 39956 - 7        


Item Description


? "Porta ? ED 80Sf" equipped with an ED80Sf lens barrel
? Enlarged display
Easy to handle "Porta II History Base"
Porta ? History table realized high rigidity and operability so that more users can use with confidence. As the first astronomical telescope, or respond with ease of use to the need to enjoy stars easily.

? "ED80Sf lens barrel" adopting SD (special low dispersion) glass lens
SD apochromat refractive type lens barrel adopting high performance SD glass lens that suppresses color bleeding. Characteristics of this glass are literally less dispersion due to the wavelength of light, and at a specific wavelength refractive index, it shows a numerical value different from ordinary optical glass. This realizes clear, high contrast view, ideal for photography.

"ED80Sf lens barrel" was born from my desire to have more people experience this superior appearance. Succeeded in developing high-quality SD apochromat lens barrel while keeping costs down. The focus adjustment method is Crayford formula.


[Product Specifications]
- Manufacturer model number: 39956 - 7
Objective lens: SD apochromat
· Multi-coat
· Effective diameter: 80 mm
· Focal length: 600 mm
· Diameter ratio: 1: 7.5
· Light focusing power: 131 times the naked eye
· Extreme grade: 11.3 stars

Condition: New


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