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Vixen Astronomical Telescope Porta II Background Table Series Porta II A 80 Mf 39952 - 9        


Item Description


Product description
Style name: lens tube: A80Mf

   Adopted "free stop type" in which the lens barrel is fixed as it is at the position where hands are released, the operation to change the direction of the lens barrel greatly is easy and convenient. Equipped with fine movement handle (vertical azimuth fine movement) for searching and chasing stars with fine movement. Adopting the world standard "Alimiso type (standard)", it is possible to place a lens barrel and to install it easily.

Easy to handle "Porta II History Base"
Porta ? History table realized high rigidity and operability so that more users can use with confidence. As the first astronomical telescope, or respond with ease of use to the need to enjoy stars easily.

"A 80 Mf lens barrel" which can enjoy the groundscape with erecting zenith prism attached
It is a standard refractive type lens barrel that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Light from the celestial body such as moon, planet, nebula and star cluster comes straight into the viewer's eyes through the lens, so the position with the object is easy to understand and it is easy to handle.

Adopted "Achromatic lens" which suppresses chromatic aberration.


[Product Specifications]
- Manufacturer model number: 39952 - 9
Objective lens: Refractive Achromat
· Multi-coat
· Effective diameter: 80 mm
· Focal length: 910 mm
· Diameter ratio: 1: 11.4
· Light focusing power: 131 times the naked eye
· Extreme grade: 11.3 stars

Condition: New


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