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PHILIPS XX1332 Image Intensifier Tube Gen2
Working as it should
The XX1332 was originally manufactured by Mullard; This tube is made by PHILIPS which means this tube is a later version. A proven tube that has lasted the test of time, this tube is still being manufactured to this very day.
Key features of the XX1332High resolution image Very low image noise (scintillation)50mm input window / 40mm output windowGreat for astronomers due to high res image and low image noise. 
recommended power is 6.5v, i have had no issues running the tubes at 6 volts using 4x AA 1.5v batteries or 2x CR123 3v batteries.
I have made my own monocular using these tubes and have had fantastic results.  I used a TS-Optics 2" Eyepiece 42mm, GSWA42  for the eyepiece.

Bonus trivia...  The photocathode (input window) contains over 68,000,000 individual fibre optics, each less than 1/10th the thickness of a human hair. If all the the fibres were laid end to end, they would reach from London to Edinburgh. That's 330 Miles of fibre optic !

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