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are bidding on a Nikon Microscope ISO 38mm Phototube adapter with  male C-Mount. 



  This is the piece you are 
bidding on.  An ISO38mm camera port adapter with male C-Mount 
attached using a T2 mount  thread (center).  Please 
note: I also sell a similar version an ISO37 mm which is 
typically used on leica Microscopes.  This model is too big 
and will not fit into a 37mm port


 Example of male C-Mount device 
attached to a USB camera




  This is a 5 Megapixel USB 
C-Mount  Camera attached to the  ISO 38mm trinocular microscope 
camera port with  male C-Mount adapter




  This is an example of using 
the  C-Mount ISO38mm adapter with a C-Mount Camera attached to a 
Leica Trinocular  Head.



  This is a Screen Picture 
using a  Tucsen 5MP camera and software package.




  The ISO 37mm T2 with C-Mount 
removed  can be attached to various camera bayonets.  This 
adapter is attached  to an Olympus Mirrorless E PL1 using a Micro 
4/3s bayonet mount.  I sell  variations of this piece for all 
DSLR, SLR, and MILC cameras; see List at  the bottom of this 
page. Send me a message and I'll send you a offer for the  
specific camera you have.  Price is the same for all models.




  38 mm adapter attached to a 
Olympus  Pen camera.  Just remove your standard lens and attach 
this adapter.




 Attached to mirrorless camera 
using the  correct bayonet.




  A Nikon camera attached to a 
Leica  trinocular head using the above adapter.




 Picture of specimen using the 
camera  attached to the 37mm adapter.





Nikon Microscopes -


Nikon -  Eclipse with an ISO 38 mm I.D. (inside  
diameter) photoport*
           -  Labophoto-2  with ISO 38 mm photoport *
            -  Alphaphot-2, Labophot-2, 
Optiphot-2, Optiphot 100S, 150, 200, 300
           -  SMZ-10A, SMZ-U, SMZ-80, 
SMZ-1000, SMZ-1500
           -  E200, 400,  600 (with Y-T TV tube)
           -  E800, E1000  (with video tube for C - Mount)
            - Epiphot  200/300 (U&E sideport)
            - MM-40,  MM-60
            - Diaphot  200/300 TS100f, TE2000 S   (Please check actual 
inner diameter of phtoport. If not 38mm in diameter do not order.)


*note: Nikon "chimney tube removed"


Other Microscopes -


Older Leitz with ISO 38 mm photoport
(Please check your model; If its a 37mm none of 
the following camera ports will work!)


Lietz trinocular microscopes -  Ortholux,  
Orthoplan, Dialux,Diaplan, Ergolux,  Laborlux, Metalux
                                                  - Aristomet, 


Leitz - Diavert, fluovert, labovert, Metalovert


Leica microscopes - DMIL, MS5,MZ6, MZ12, MZAPO


Wild microscopes - M420,  M3,M5, M7, M8,M10   with 
ISO 38 mm ID photoport ( Black Leica / Wild )


Similar Products on the Market-


  • D10NLC 1.0 x C mount
  • Leica 1x ISO 38mm C-Mount



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I also sell most T2s 
for other camera  models which means that I can set up the above kit for 
any digital DSLR or MILC  camera you have.


Bayonet to T2 for SLR  or DSLR cameras

 Typical Mirrorless 
T2 adapter shown  below

I also sell T2 to C mount 
which screws into all T2-mounts

I also sell Bayonet direct C- Mounts 
for SLR and DSLR  cameras. Not available for Mirrorless cameras


note that a Bayonet mount to T-2 is different for each camera 
make.   I sell the following types seperately. 

  1. Canon EOS 
    EF-S to T2 Mount  Adapter
  2. Canon FD 
    to T2 Mount Adapter
  3. Nikon F to 
    T2 Mount Adapter
  4. Nikon 1 to 
    T2 Mount Adapter
  5. Panasonic 
    to T2 Mount Adapter
  6. Minolta 
    Maxxam to T2 Mount  Adapter
  7. Olympus, 
    Panasonic Lumix,  Micro 4/3 (Four Thirds MFT) to T2 Mount 
  8. Olympus, 
    Panasonic Lumix 4/3  (Four Thirds ) to T2 Mount Adapter
  9. Pentax PK 
    to T2 Mount Adapter
  10. Sony A 
    mount Single lens  Translucent SLT to T2 Mount 
  11. Sony ? 
    (alpha) NEX 3,5,7 Sony  Handycam NEX-VG10, NEX-VG20, Sony ? 
    (alpha) 7 & 9 to T2 Mount Adapter. note: all  use the Sony E 
  12. Canon EOS 
    M EF-M to T2
  13. Samsung, 
    NX to T2 Mount  Adapter
  14. Pentax Q 
    to T2 Mount Adapter
  15. Black 
    Magic, Micro 4/3 to T2  Mount Adapter
  16. Fuji X to 
    T2 Mount Adapter


note; If you don't see what your looking for ask me.  I add  
items all the time but do not update all my advertisements or 


 These last two 
pictures are of a T2  female with a C-Mount male



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Leica Leitz Microscope camera port adapter 37mm

Leica Delta 37mm 2  C-Mount or T2 
4 CCD & CMOS Microscope Camera Adapter

Leica 37mm camera port Microscoe adapter leitz 2 
male  C-Mount

Leica 37mm camera port adapter leitz Microscope 2




Microscope DSLR   Camera Adapter  Camera Port Phototube d10NLC 1.0 X 
C-mount Leitz Leica

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