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Ducted Air Conditioning â?? Residential Installations

What is a ducted air conditioning installation?

A ducted air conditioning system basically means your air conditioner or heat pump is hidden away in your roof space, or under your floor. Ducting carries air from your home to the air conditioner and is then heated or cooled to keep your indoor air temperature constant. One central unit can serve most houses.

Air vents are cut into your ceiling or floor, which are then connected to the air conditioner via the ducting. This enables one air conditioner to serve your whole home.

Air conditioning for multi-storey homes

If your home is on two or more levels, it is still possible to have ducted air conditioning installed. You have the option of going for two or more smaller units, or having duct risers installed.

A duct riser is a vertical duct that connects two levels. This allows you to then transfer air from the air conditioner in the roof space to a downstairs level through a duct hidden away in a cupboard or boarded in with a false wall.

The benefits of air conditioning

Air conditioning has many benefits. If you live in a hot and humid climate, it can provide cooling and dehumidification. In colder climates, air conditioning can provide you with very energy efficient heating for your home.

As well as keeping your home at a constant temperature, excess moisture is removed from the air by the dehumidify mode, and dust particles and allergens are removed from the air by the use of advanced air filters.

For asthma sufferers, air conditioning or a heat pump can be of great benefit. Reducing the relative humidity level inside your home and filtering out dust particles can make it easier to breathe and much more comfortable.

How air conditioning works

At the heart of most air conditioning installations is a heat pump. A heat pump, according to the dictionary, is a mechanical device for moving heat energy. What this means is that instead of converting electricity into heat energy directly (like an electric bar heater for example), the electricity is used to move heat energy. Heat energy is transferred to or from the air in your room by use of refrigerants inside the heat pump.

In summer, excess heat energy is transferred from the air indoors to the air outdoors. This has the effect of cooling your room down. As the air is chilled below dew point, excess moisture is removed from the air as well (dehumidification).

In winter, heat energy is transferred from the outside air to the indoor air (the complete opposite of the summer example). By simply transfering or moving heat energy into your room by this method, you can gain up to 4kW of heat energy from each 1kW of electricity that is consumed. Compared to other forms of heating, a heat pump is the most energy efficient way of heating your home.

More information

For more information on ducted air conditioning, please contact a local air conditioning company. They will be able to advise you on the correct sized air conditioner and ducting installation suitable for your home. Always seek professional advice.

About the Author

James Walton is an air conditioning and heat pump engineer in Auckland, New Zealand.

how can i keep my apartment warm?

its ice cold in my apartment. One day i woke up i could literally see my breath in front of me. its unbelievable how cold it gets. I tried turning on the heat for two days and when my bill came in it was up by 30 dollars just for two days and maybe 2 hrs of usage for each of those days and it was set at 66 degrees! I cant afford to have it on everyday.

My living room has a large sliding glass door that leads to the the balcony and that is what my couch sits in front of. Dew sits on these windows as well as the one's in the rest of my house.

any heat generating tips? I have two personal heaters that i utilize but thats not enough.

excellent advice - cover the glass doors, and for the windows take the screens out, cover with thin plastic and put them back in - instant very cheap storm windows!

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