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One Of A Kind 7 piece Telescope Accessory Kit with Case - 1.25" Format.
Refurbished Items displayed at tradeshows, slight cosmetic perfections, near imperceptable signs of use.
Eyepieces, filters, mirror, etc. optically correct.

Comes in a soft carrying case with shoulder strap.

You get:

1) 10mm Plössl 1.25" eyepiece 

1) 25mm Astroscopic 1.25" eyepiece

1) MOH - Cassini Multiple Ocular Holder
Having more than one eyepiece is great, but switching between all of them can be quite cumbersome and dropping an eyepiece in the middle of the night is no fun at all. The Cassini Multiple Ocular Holder ends all that frustration. Just insert up to 3 eyepieces of your choice into the Cassini Multiple Ocular Holder. Then just rotate the bezel of the M.O.H. to switch between your eyepieces.

1) 1.25" Erecting Diagonal Mirror
The Cassini Erecting Diagonal Mirror increases the viewing comfort and usability of refractor telescopes. True astronomical telescopes will produce an upside down image and with the Cassini Erecting Diagonal Mirror the image in your telescope will turn right side up for terrestrial use.

1) CFW - Cassini Color Filter Wheel
 Filtering out certain bands of light can be very useful when observing astronomical objects. Normally to use filters with your telescope you would have to thread the filters on and off of your eyepieces as you are use them. With the Cassini Color Filter Wheel, you simply switch eyepieces as you normally would. To switch filters, just rotate the dial on the Cassini Color Filter Wheel. The C.F.W. has three filter settings: Nebula, Planetary and Clear. The Nebular filter is great for filtering out light pollution such as ground light. UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filters block a large fraction of light pollution, and bring out the details of planetary nebulae and most of emission nebulae under a dark sky. The Planetary filter is great for viewing the moon and planets by increasing contrast - helps to bring out dark surface detail on Jupiter and Saturn, darkens the maria on Mars, and improves visual detail when viewing Neptune and Uranus. 3rd slot - Empty to use additional filter of your choice or left empty so objects can be viewed normally without having to remove the Color Filter Wheel. Additionally the filters are universal 1.25 threaded filters so you can switch them out with other filters for more usability.

1) #21 1.25" Color Filter:
#21 Orange (46% transmission) Reduces transmission of blue and green wavelengths, thus increasing the contrast between these areas and red or yellow or orange areas. Works very well with Mars. Sharpens the boundaries between these areas on the planet's surface and can sharpen the contrast in the belts of Jupiter also enhancing the Great Red Spot. Fits the CFW.

1) MEH - Cassini Electronic Mars Eye Red Dot Finder
The Cassini Electronic Mars Eye Red Dot Finder makes locating objects easy by positioning the observer behind the telescope. This prevents the user from losing the surrounding reference points when targeting objects. High profile design for reflector telescopes. This particular one has a missing ON/OFF switch so we've included a small thumbtack to be able to turn the unit on and off. Please see pictures for details.




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