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OPT 9mm Super Plossl Fully Multicoated Eyepiece 1.25” Compatible NEW

·  Excellent
general-purpose eyepiece for observing hairline lunar and planetary detail or
resolving faint nebulosity in deep-space

·  Extremely low
astigmatism, spherical aberration, and off-axis color

·  Incorporates 7-layer
multi-coatings and edge-blackened optics

·  Includes a soft
rubber eyeguard, custom-fitted with a bayonet mount

·  Eyeguard folds down
for eyeglass wearers



Designed and manufactured to exacting standards, pl Super Plössl eyepieces
deliver wide 52° apparent fields of view (44° for the SP40mm) with all of the
resolution, edge-of- field sharpness and color correction demanded in the most
advanced visual applications. All eyepieces are multi-coated and include soft
rubber eyeguards.

From the

PL10 eyepieces yield the widest possible fields of view, consistent with
pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and long eye relief?and yet with extremely low
astigmatism, spherical aberration, and off-axis color. Incorporating 7-layer
multi-coatings and edge-blackened optics for optimum image contrast, these
sophisticated 4 to 8-element designs permit levels of optical performance
generally impossible to achieve with eyepieces of fewer elements. All PL Series
eyepieces include a soft rubber eyeguard, custom fitted to each eyepiece with a
bayonet mount. The eyeguards fold down for eyeglass wearers, and in fact the
folded eyeguard shields eyeglasses from coming into contact with the metal
eyepiece housings. Rubber grips are provided on all but the three shortest
focal length Super Plössl eyepieces.

Super Plossls
Designed to utilize the very latest in optical glass types, the Super Plössls
are excellent general-purpose eyepieces. For observing hairline lunar and
planetary detail, splitting close double stars, or for resolving faint
nebulosity in deep-space, Meade Super Plössls optimize the performance of any
telescope type, whether f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, f/16 refractor, or f/4
reflector. They also operate well in conjunction with the air-spaced design of
the Meade #140 2x Apochromatic Barlow. All focal lengths through 32mm are
parfocal. The Super Plössl 56mm eyepiece with 2" O.D. barrel yields 36X
and an actual field of view of 1.4 degrees on an 8" f/10
Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

Product Dimensions

1.8 x 1.8 x 0.2 inches

Item Weight

3.2 ounces

Focal Length: 10mm

Apparent FoV: 52 Degrees

Eye Relief: 4mm

Barrel Size: 1.25"


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