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Orion 05598 1.25-Inch 25 Percent Transmission Moon Filter (Black)




Brand New. Orion 05598 1.25-Inch 25 Percent Transmission Moon Filter (Black)

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  • Allows transmission of 25 percent of incoming light
  • Reduces bright glare reflected off the Moon and boosts contrast and resolution of lunar surface features
  • Metal filter cell threads directly into Orion 1.25 inch telescope eyepiece barrels
  • Provides a brighter view than the 13 percent Moon filter by blocking less light - ideal for use with smaller telescopes

Useful telescope eyepiece filter transmits 25 percent of incoming light. Ideal
for viewing crescent Moon phases and for lunar viewing in smaller-aperture
telescopes, for which less dimming is required. We are able to see the Moon at
night thanks to sunlight reflecting off its rocky surface. When looking at the
Moon through a telescope, bright reflected sunlight can produce significant
glare. The Moon's disk, even at partial phases, is in fact so intensely bright
with reflected sunlight that observing surface details can be challenging due
to the overwhelming glare. This glare can be so bright that it washes out most
of the interesting lunar features such as craters, riles, mountains, and
valleys. The considerable brightness also reduces contrast on our nearest
neighbor in the solar system. When the Moon is in its crescent phase, it does
not produce as much glare as when it is full or waxing, but filtration is
still recommended to achieve optimal view quality. When looking at the Moon in
relatively small (60mm-80mm) telescopes, the brightness is not as distracting
as in larger telescopes, but some filtration is required to get the best
observations. To improve contrast and tone down glare easily in these
situations, we recommend using a neutral-density 1.25 inch Orion 25 percent
Transmission Moon Filter. This inexpensive accessory threads directly into a
1.25 inch eyepiece barrel and blocks 75 percent of the light gathered by the
telescope, making for more comfortable lunar views exhibiting higher contrast.
Once installed on a 1.25 inch telescope eyepiece, the Orion 25 percent
Transmission Moon Filter will bring out considerably more lunar surface
details thanks to the boosted contrast. Not only will more surface features
and details pop out, but you can study them in greater comfort, thanks to Moon
Filter reducing overall brightness without altering color.


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