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Orion #08975 StarBlast ALTAZ Auto Tracker Table Top Mount

  • Lightweight and portable motorized telescope mount capable of automatic tracking of astronomical objects as they appear to migrate across the night sky
  • Upgradable to full GoTo operation using either the Orion Synscan Wifi Adapter or the Orion GoTo Hand Controller (not included in this offering)
  • Features camera control functionality for automated time-lapse photos, panoramic photos, and snapshots at pre-selected positions

This compact and affordable motorized tabletop altazimuth mount provides easy and automatic tracking of celestial objects. After completing a simple alignment procedure, the Orion StarBlast AutoTracker Altazimuth Mount's motors rotate the attached telescope so the object you're viewing will stay centered in the telescope eyepiece (astronomers call this "tracking"). This allows you to enjoy lengthy views of objects without having to hassle with manually repositioning the telescope so the object remains centered. While the StarBlast AutoTracker will not locate objects for you (without the optional Orion Atlas/Sirius Computerized GoTo Hand Controller or Synscan Wifi adapter), it will precisely track any celestial object that has been manually located and centered in the eyepiece. With the luxury of automatic tracking, you can concentrate on observing night sky objects instead of constantly reorienting your telescope as the target object drifts out of your telescope's field-of-view. Observing a given object for longer periods allows you to discern more subtle features and details as you relax at the eyepiece without having to worry about manually repositioning the telescope to keep the object in sight.

The StarBlast AutoTracker Mount is equipped with a dovetail telescope attachment saddle, making it compatible with a wide variety of telescope optical tubes and narrow dovetail mounting plates. The AutoTracker Mount works with telescopes weighing up to 9 lbs. (including accessories), and the center of its dovetail saddle is positioned 7.2" above the mount's bottom panel to provide clearance for many optical tube lengths.

It's easy to align the StarBlast AutoTracker Altazimuth Mount once a telescope has been attached. All you have to do is level the mount using the built-in bubble-level and threaded risers on two of the mount feet, set your local latitude, and align the attached telescope to North. Once these simple steps have been completed, all you have to do is turn on the AutoTracker's power switch, and you'll be tracking the heavens automatically! Thanks to an adjustable dual-encoder clutch mechanism, the AutoTracker Mount's position can be moved manually without the tracking system losing its alignment.

On top of automated tracking, the StarBlast AutoTracker Altazimuth Mount also features camera cruising functionality. This allows you to attach a Canon DSLR camera to the Mount and take time-lapse photos, panoramic photos, and even take snapshots at select positions as the AutoTracker moves the attached Canon DSLR camera.

Eight AA batteries are required for motorized operation of the StarBlast AutoTracker Mount; or you can use an optional 12V, 2 amp power supply or AC Adapter (batteries and optional power supplies sold separately)

You can upgrade the StarBlast AutoTracker Altazimuth Mount easily to add GoTo object location and pointing abilities by plugging in an optional Orion Atlas/Sirius Computerized GoTo Hand Controller or Synscan Wifi adapter (both sold separately). These optional accessories convert the StarBlast AutoTracker into a full GoTo mount that can automatically find objects in the sky for you!

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Note: We have the optional tripod available in our ebay store.

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