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Orion Atlas 11 EQ-G GoTo Schmidt Cass TelescopeCombines giant 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain optics with the beefiest GoTo telescope mount in its price classA "do-it-all" instrument that can take you places no other comparably priced computerized telescope can goFeatures StarBright XLT high-performance coatings for enhanced light transmissionIncludes 9x50 dovetail finder scope, 1.25" diagonal, 26mm (107x) Sirius Plossl eyepieceTwo-year limited warrantyThis potent observational and astro-imaging system combines giant 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain optics with the beefiest GoTo mount in its price class. It's a "do-it-all" telescope that can take you places no other comparably priced telescope can go — quickly, accurately, and easily.The superb 11" optics are made in the U.S.A. by Celestron and feature StarBright XLT high-performance coatings for enhanced light transmission. The optics are housed in an aluminum tube that's decked out with a 9x50 dovetail finder scope, 1.25" diagonal, 26mm (107x) Sirius Plossl eyepiece, and dovetail mounting bar for attachment to the Atlas equatorial head.Searching for celestial objects is a thing of the past with the Orion Atlas 11 EQ-G GoTo Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope version. It offers computerized pointing to any of 42,900 celestial objects in the hand controller's computerized database. Dual-axis DC stepper motors slew at speeds of 2x to 800x sidereal (up to 3.4° per second) and track at sidereal, lunar, and solar rates. Backlash compensation in both axes and periodic error correction (PEC) provide the responsiveness for guiding and the tracking accuracy needed for astrophotography. The drive base is equipped with a charge coupled device (CCD) autoguider port and input for a 12-volt DC power source (sold separately).Two-year limited warranty.For owners of the Atlas EQ-G GoTo Mount whose version of the GoTo hand controller is 3.0 or greater, the GoTo hand controller's firmware can be updated over the internet.Updating the GoTo Hand Controller's FirmwareFrom version 3.0 and up, the GoTo hand controller's firmware can be updated over the internet.System RequirementsGoTo hand controller version 3.0 or greaterWindows95 or laterAn available RS-232 COM port on the PCComputer interface cable (supplied)DC power supply (7.5V to 15V @ 100mA or greater output with 2.1mm tip positive plug)Preparing the Computer for the UpdateCreate a folder where you will store the files necessary for the update.Click on the Download Firmware Files link below and save the Firmware Loader program to the folder you have created on your computer. You will need to download this program only once; after it is saved on your computer, only the firmware data file is needed for future updates.Download and save the firmware update date file to the folder you created. The file will be named OrionVxxxxEQ.ssf, where xxxx indicates the version number of the firmware.Updating the GoTo Hand ControllerPlug the modular plug end of the computer interface cable into the middle jack in the hand controller. Plug the serial connector end of the cable to the COM port on your PC.Press and hold down the 0 and 8 numerical buttons simultaneously, then plug the power supply into the hand controller's DC power jack. The hand controller will beep and display "SynScan Update Ver. x.x" on the LCD screen.Run the Firmware Loader program on your computer.Click on the "Browse" box and select the OrionVxxxx.ssf file location where it was saved previously on your computer.Click on the "Update" button, and the new firmware will begin loading into the hand controller. The Firmware Loader will show the progress of the update on your computer screen. It will usually take approximately 5 minutes for the new firmware to load into the hand controller. It may take significantly longer if a serial-to-USB adapter is employed on your computer.When the download is complete, the Firmware Loader will display "Update Complete".The firmware in the GoTo hand controller has now been updated. You can click on the "HC. Version" button to confirm the new version number of the firmware (and possibly the database, but the hardware version will not change with internet updates).Note: If the error message "Can not connect to a SynScan hand control" appears on your computer, check all cable connections. Also, try closing all other computer programs that might be attempting to use the COM port.Note: If the error message "Firmware update failed..." appears on your computer, remove the power plug from the hand controller, and then reconnect it. Now, repeat the firmware update procedure.By default, the data communication rate between the GoTo hand controller and the computer is 115kbps. The RS-232 port on some PCs may not support this high data transfer rate. If the firmware update procedure fails after a few tries, try reducing the data transfer rate by pressing the SETUP button on the hand controller. This will reduce the data transfer rate to 9.6kbps. The controller's LCD screen will show "Lo" in the lower right hand corner to indicate the lower transfer rate setting. The firmware update procedure remains the same except it will take much longer for the firmware to load into the hand controller.Product Specifications:UseAstronomyUser levelAdvancedOptical designSchmidt-CassegrainOptical diameter279mmFocal length2800mmFocal ratiof/10.0Eyepieces includedSirius Plossl 25.0mm (1.25")Magnification with included eyepieces107xResolving power0.42arc*secLowest useful magnification40xHighest useful magnification300xLimiting stellar magnitude14.9Optical qualityDiffraction limitedFinder scope8x40FocuserInternalDiagonal1.25" 90-deg Mirror StarSecondary mirror obstruction95mmSecondary mirror obstruction by diameter34%Secondary mirror obstruction by area12%Mount styleEquatorialAstro-imaging capabilityLunar, planetary & long exposureDovetail bar systemYesComputerized compatibilityGo-To includedAlignment procedure3-Star Alignment, 2-Star Alignment, 1-Star AlignmentNumber of objects in database42900Tracking ratesSidereal, Solar and LunarMotor speeds3.4-deg/sec, 600x, 500x, 400x, 64x, 32x, 16x, 8x, 2x, 1.75x, 1.5x, 1.25xMotor typeMicrostep driven 1.8-degstepper motorsBearing materialSealed ball bearingsPower requirement12-volt DC - 2A (tip positive)PECYesGPSSold separatelyBacklash compensationYesLatitude range9-72Setting circlesYesPolar-axis scopeIncludedCounterweightsThree 11 lb.Available portsRS-232, autoguiderTube materialAluminumTripod materialSteelTripod leg diameter2.00 in.Counterweight bar length11 in.Diameter of counterweight shaft18mmHeight range of mount/tripod40.00 in. - 61.50 in.Length of optical tube23.5 in.Weight, optical tube27.5 lbs.Weight, mount/tripod54.0 lbs.Weight, fully assembled116.0 lbs.Additional included accessories1.25" visual back, GoTo Hand ControllerOther featuresCorrector lens Fully multi-coated, StarBright XLT coatings
The telescope is available for local pick-up only.  If you inquire and want to see the major components of the telescope, I will arrange a local location to meet you and show you the components.  There are accessories that are included but there are so many that I can't sow them all.

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