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I picked up a CGX for a price I couldn't refuse, so I'm selling my Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G. It’s about 2 years old and I’m the original owner, purchased directly from Orion. This has been a GREAT mount with many useful features. Solid, very flexible, belt driven, and easily transportable. It can operate in either Equatorial or Alt/AZ modes, and can handle TWO telescopes mounted up at the same time in Alt/AZ configuration. I was using this setup in both modes with my 11" Edge and it's rock solid.

Included with the mount are all of the original accessories - hand controller, built-in polar scope, retractable counterweight shaft, 150mm counterweight extension shaft, two 11 lb. counterweights, dual scope saddle, serial PC interface cable, 12V power cord, and documentation. In addition to the stock accessories, the following items are also included:

1) TPI aluminum tripod spreader with battery tray. This high-quality spreader greatly increases the rigidity of the tripod and provides a large storage tray surface for battery, eyepieces, various gear, and a tasty beverage. ($385 value)

2) Pelican Storm IM2700 waterproof case that stores mount head, hand controller, controller holster, and counterweight shaft extension. ($165 value)

3) Orion GPS Kit for Goto Mounts. Uses GPS to set your latitude/longitude accurately. ($180 value)

4) Extra 11 lb. counterweight for heavier payloads such as astrophotography setups or 10"-11" SCTs. ($60 value)

I will not split up accessories. Everything listed above is included in this sale.

I baby my gear and it is in EXCELLENT condition. Purchased new, this setup would cost $2790.

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