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This big 2" Barlow lens will give your 2" telescope eyepieces a 2x magnification boost with amazing image quality. The Orion High-Power 2" 2x 4-Element Barlow Lens provides superior performance compared to standard Barlow lenses thanks to its deluxe features and 4-element design which minimizes chromatic and spherical aberrations while preserving image sharpness and contrast.

As its name implies, the High-Power 2" 2x Barlow doubles the magnifying power of any 2" eyepiece, essentially dividing the eyepiece's focal length by a factor of 2. For example: using a 42mm eyepiece in the High-Power 2x Barlow provides the same magnification you'd normally get from a 21mm eyepiece (42 ÷ 2 = 21). Using this simple formula, you can easily determine how each of your 2" telescope eyepieces will perform when inserted in the High-Power 2x 4-Element Barlow Lens. A 35mm ocular will behave like a 17.5mm eyepiece; a 26mm eyepiece will provide the magnification of a 13mm eyepiece, and so on. An included 2"-to-1.25" step-down adapter allows use of both smaller 1.25" eyepieces and big 2" oculars with the versatile Orion High-Power 2" 2x Barlow Lens. 

Since the Orion High-Power 2x Barlow features a sophisticated, 4-element, fully multi-coated lens design, it will provide better color correction and less distortion than 2- or 3-element Barlows. This means your power-boosted observations will be optimized in regards to sharpness, clarity, and brightness for a great viewing experience. View contrast is maximized thanks to a blackened interior and blackened lens edges which eliminate internal glare and off-axis reflections. 

The Orion High-Power 2" 2x Barlow can be used with longer focal length eyepieces to obtain a more comfortable view with better eye relief and edge sharpness than a lower focal length eyepiece, since lower focal length eyepieces normally have smaller eye lenses to peer through. By using a longer focal length 2" eyepiece in the Orion High-Power 2" 2x Barlow, you'll enjoy twice the magnifying power while maintaining the comfortable eye relief and sharp field edge of the longer focal length 2" eyepiece. 

Non-marring brass compression rings inside both the main 2" barrel and 1.25" step-down adapter of the High-Power 2" 2x Barlow helps keep any inserted 2" or 1.25" telescope eyepiece free of scratches and thumbscrew gouges. A stylish rubber grip exterior provides a sure grip, and the 2" barrel features a safety recess to keep the Barlow Lens from falling out of a focuser or diagonal should the retaining thumbscrew become loose during stargazing sessions. The Barlow's 2" barrel is conveniently threaded for use with 2" filters.

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