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I have been a member of Reddit for 2 years and have not made over 1.00 a month on Reddit which is not surprising simply because I have published below 10 lenses in that time. But I are determined its time to change in which so here is my own personal personal 365 Squidoo target. How much money can I create on Squidoo in the next year Can I accomplish my goals I believe that with enough work it is possible and I prefer to spend the next twelve months finding out. I am creating this lens not only as a record for myself yet hopefully it will if perhaps successful encourage individuals that want to make money with Squidoo.
This is what I expect to do..
I will build as numerous lenses as I can at that time period my goal is at least one zoom lens a day. That would deliver 365 lenses by this time next year
I will keep take note of what I do for every lens how I publicize it etc
I will revise this page each month using my earnings as well as any new methods Ive got tried. Orion shorty-plus barlow lens
Start date 11082011 .... End date 11082012
Want me luck

Contact lenses Published - 31

My Desired goals to Make Money on Blogger

Here is my current list of goals intended for my personal challenge..
Distribute at least one lens a day a lot more if I can Find my first collection 2 lens cost Get my 1st tier 1 lens payment Get one involving my lenses popular with a giant squid Get one of my lenses fortunate by a squid angel Get one contact to 100 complete Turn into a giant squid Make 20 in a month Make 50 within a month Make 100 in a single month Earn any Purple Star
Precisely what do you think Are these kinds of goals realistic I most certainly will update them if and only if I complete every goal and increase goals throughout the difficult task.

If there are some other non-earners out there on reddit who would like to take up the process with me and start their very own 1 year income contact please do just start off your 1 year challenge lens tag this 365 squidoo and let me know and I will link to the idea right here

About Me

As an alternative to going on about the reason I want to make money about Squidoo who here isnt going to I thought I would show you a little about how I actually plan to fit 365 times of Squidoo into my life. I have 3 youngsters Im 30 years outdated and I work beyond your home 6 nights a week part time. To put it differently I dont have a lot of time on my hands at least free time whatever thats Right now I have about an hour and a half available to everyone each day to work in my challenge I think it is enough time to write just one lens each day . For the way it goes I may attempt to increase the time We spend working on my lenses or I may increase how many upgraded lenses I write we will see as time goes on but for now I am going to try for a minimum of one a day.
In any free time that I have I like to study fantasy fiction and crime novels help make websites play acoustic guitar baking and meal decoration. I also just like organizing kids parties. All of which will probably yield regularly in my upgraded lenses..
365 Squidoo Experiment Method regarding My 365 Lenses

Along with publishing a zoom lens a day or 365 contacts in 365 days - whichever comes initial I want to experiment with types of methods making lenses. Making this my list of generate an income am planning on doing my lenses. I am dividing my contacts into blocks to realize the different methods men and women use to make his or her lenses and hopefully in the process discovering which are the best methods to utilize. Below is my primary plan it may adjust... each number refers with a block of Something like 20 lenses published. ie. no1 20 contact lenses using that method. no2 20 lenses using that method and so on...
Obviously the results will not be obvious for quite a few several weeks but I am considering long term here -

No Keyphrase research - This is the construct it and they will come strategy 20 lenses applying no keyword research in any way. Writing on topics as they pop in to my head. Can this method prove to be about profitable than various other methods will it carry more or less organic targeted visitors Done
Keyword Research Utilizing the Keyword Tool Dominator Every one of this batch connected with 20 lenses will probably be researched using Search phrase Tool Dominator not an internet link How will these lenses stack up against other methods I prefer Which is the best keyword application
Keyword Research Using Industry Samurai Another 20 lens this time using the well-liked Market Samurai tool online link . Testing to find out which is the better keyword research strategy if any note- they keyword research device in market samurai cost nothing.
Keyword Research Using Targeted traffic Travis 4 And another Twenty batch using Targeted traffic Travis 4 Keyword Research Instrument. This tool is a bit pushchair so I dont assume very accurate benefits but we will see
Twenty Lenses on One Topic I am dreading that one I dont mind publishing on the same topic as long as its spread out however 20 lenses uninterruptedly all on aimed at one topic are going to be my toughest problem so far
20 Solution Review Lenses I find product reviews hard to create so this will be one more tough one to me trying to find the balance amongst promotion and quality content selling without being too blatant regarding it and providing useful information to the viewer at the same time.
20 Details Lenses 20 contact lenses that are purely informative eg how to teach toddlers to tie his or her shoes or something similar
Thats 140 lenses spoken pertaining to so far I will add to the list when I come up with more any recommendations are welcome simply leave me a opinion at the bottom of the web site
365 Updates
16082011 - Day time 5 10 contact lenses published in 5 days 5 Lenses squidliked by means of Giant Squids Thanks to Sylvestermouse Kab Rms and also Franstan for helping me to achieve one of my first goals

23082011 -- Day 12 Just completed my The twentieth lens Just a take note I will be using various methods for all my contacts most likely in hinders of 20. Intended for example 20 without market research 20 with keyword research etc. At the moment Weve 7 lenses in which fall within collection 3 none in teir 2 and its unlikely that any in teir 1 yet

11092011 - Day 31 Well its been 30 days since my problem started and I imagined I would add a tiny update. I have was able to publish only Twenty-eight lenses 3 lacking my goal for the thirty days. I will make most of these up in the next day or two because I really need to keep on track. I can not update my revenue until the official payday advance but I expect its going to be very low I havent produced any sales in my lenses yet and also almost all of them are as well new to earn from this ad pool this particular month. Either way Ill be adding an getting table to the contact lens after payday that could keep track of lenses published income acquired.

19092011 - Day 39 Well payday is here and gone and because this challenge didnt begin until August I have no earning within this payday. However I am very happy to report that My spouse and i made my primary Amazon sale via one of my upgraded lenses You may notice that I am a lttle bit behind on my contacts however I will be catching up. I took time in the market to do some keyword research and also organize my subject areas for my subsequent lot of lenses so I expect to have caught up through next payday
Promoting Hubpages Lenses

Okay here is the section that I am keeping the most difficulty using at only one month in my 365 challenge I have come to the recognition that I havent designed a plan for promoting the lenses or considered the time it will take to advertise them So I am going to ask you guys to get a really big prefer I need to find the best types of promoting lenses and also building traffic in order that I can test them out there and find out what is most effective and document this here. It will not only assist me but hopefully guide anyone who reads that lens so if you have a moment please help me personally with my 365 obstacle by sharing the no 1 tip for lens promotion underneath
Make Money on Squidoo Rapid Facts As I find out about making money on Digg I will add this what I have learned here

This section is for filling in speedy facts about making money upon squidoo anything that I come across that I did not know will be added because i go

Did You Know Completely new lenses that have been printed less than a month will not earn any income from the ad write about pool. Your zoom lens must be published at the very least one month before it is permitted to earn money from the pool area however you can still make money from any of the affiliate quests.
My Achievements

These may only be small achievements however wanted to share these because they help to keep me motivated with our lenses. I really enjoy encouragement

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I am sure that you have heard that backlinks work best way to get you larger Google ranking Well article writing is a great method of getting backlinks. Some Writing and submitting articles sites are better than others though so it is essential to do your research. You dont want to waste materials your time writing articles that no-one will ever read.
With this lens I will offer you my own findings and also experience in writing articles. If you are not already writing articles to achieve you traffic looking at this lens I know that it will be in your to do list - you will know list that keeps getting bigger and bigger
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