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Orion 12XXi Truss Rod Telescope with Intelliscope "Manual Push To" computer module. I prefer the manual as photography is not typical with this type of telescope and waiting for motors to take you to different objects for viewing is very time consuming. With this system you have the module that has zero indicators that you just push/pull/tilt the scope manually until the numbers zero out and viola' you are on your target. It is VERY accurate and very fast. You can literally go to 5 objects in the time it takes a motorized scope to travel from just one to another. 

This is my entire set up for star viewing..  This would be and EXCELLENT entry BIG TUBE Dobsonian set up for any serious beginner or long time enthusiast. I spent quite a lot of time assembling all of the equipment. I bought only the best for the price range and products available. The ONLY reason I am selling it is because i have spent a lot of money trying to get a couple of my products launched and to the market and I need the money.. I will own a Telescope set up again,, but for now regretfully she has to go.. Everything is in good to excellent and basically near new working condition.. Used but carefully and not really that much. Near new condition on all of it.. The Mirror is in very good used shape.. But it does have a couple very minor spots and one super small very hard to see scratch. Probably a dust particle drug across while cleaning with a cotton swab.. I have NEVER noticed how it affects the image.. If you were going to use this for photography(which you would never use a DOB for photography) it probably still would not be an issue..This Mirror is like a 9 out of 10.. very nice shape for having a few years on it.. 
Please note the battery power unit for the fan is included it just didn't make it into the photos.  Also included but not shown is a reflective cover that is used when the scope is setup so that it can be left out in the Sun for long periods of time without damaging anything.    PLEASE NOTE: One photo shows a StarFinder mounted on the scope next to the Stellarvue starfinder.. It is not on the unit. 
One of the four orion filters is cracked.. Still works but is cracked. 

Here is a list of all of the goodies and what it would cost you to go buy it right now online at the best prices: Without Sales Tax and some shipping in some instances: 

Orion 10023 SkyQuest XX12i IntelliScope Truss Dobsonian Telescope: $1499 plus tax and shipping. 

Orion SkyQuest Padded Cases: $ tax/delivery.

Baader 8-24mm Hyperion Clickstop Zoom Mark III Eyepiece - 1.25"/ 2"; $289;

Baader 2.25X Triplet Barlow - 1.25": $129 plus $7 ship.

Orion 3640 Collimating Telescope Eyepiece: $55,, plus $12 ship

Stellarvue 10x60 Deluxe Finder Scope w/ Reticle Eyepiece Black F60M2: $ 190 delivered(like new condition)

Stellarvue Crosshair Illuminator; $20

Deluxe Stellarvue Finderscope Rings; $60

Rigel Skylite Red/White Flashlight: $36

HoTech 2" & 1.25" SCA Laser Collimator: $ 120

Orion 05514 Basic Set of 1.25-Inch Four Color Filters: $53

Solar Scope Cover: $90. . .LIKE NEW.

Orion 15097 Light Shroud: $88.

Over $3090 New.. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Listed for Pick up only.. However  and Please NOTE:  If you would like to pay for crating and shipping I will work with you to get that done..  I priced it one time long ago to ship was approximately $260 to Texas.. That did not include boxes and/or any time to pack it up.   There is another option. I have used U-Ship before quite a few times successfully.. That would be up to you to secure though..  I would however work with you to make sure the items were ready for pick up and would even help you get U-Ship if you have never used them.. I have a very reputable Shipper that I have used a few times that would most likely be willing to pick up and deliver the unit for you most anywhere in the U.S.. But you have to be very patient with schedule as he builds loads and only travels once he has enough contracts to carry to make the trip..  Most U-shippers work like this.. Awesome company.. Has saved me a bunch of money on big ticket items in the past. 

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