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  • This fun video astrophotography eyepiece with a 1/4" 0.35MP Color CMOS sensor transmits live color images to a connected TV, camcorder, DVR, VCR, projector, or any other composite input-equipped recording or display device
  • Great for educational outreach or crowd-pleasing group observations of real-time views of the Moon, planets, Sun (with a safe solar filter), and terrestrial subjects through a telescope
  • Very small 5.6 micrometer x 5.6 micrometer pixel size accurately detects fine details of brighter celestial objects
  • Built-in RCA cable connects the Video Eyepiece Camera to a camcorder, TV set, DVR, VCR, or other recording device. Power supplied via the included AC-to-DC adapter
  • Video Eyepiece barrel features 1.25" filter threads for use with 1.25" Orion filters and Focal Reducers

If you’ve ever wanted to share the view seen through your telescope with a few friends or family members, you’re in luck!  The affordable Orion StarShoot Video Eyepiece Camera II lets you do just that. Now you can easily view what you see in your telescope on your TV screen or camcorder! The Video Eyepiece Camera II sends live images of the Moon, bright planets, Sun (solar filter required), and terrestrial subjects as seen through the telescope to a TV set, camcorder, or any other device with an RCA video input. Now the whole family, classroom, or astronomical society can enjoy the view right along with you, as if you were all looking through the same telescope.

The StarShoot Video Eyepiece Camera II is compatible with any telescope equipped with a 1.25" focuser, or a 2" focuser with a 2"-to- 1.25" step-down adapter. While a telescope attached to a tracking motor-equipped mount will provide the best results for nighttime use, even non-motorized telescopes like Dobsonian reflectors work well with this petite performer. During daylight hours, the StarShoot Video Eyepiece can add crowd-pleasing performance to any telescope outfitted for terrestrial use. Telescopic views of birds, wildlife, and scenery can be seen and enjoyed on your TV screen.

This handy video camera provides an inexpensive entry into astrophotography. The StarShoot Video Eyepiece Camera II features a CMOS sensor chip with 8-bit output and RGB 24-bit color resolution. The sensor features 720x480 resolution, which is a considerable step-up compared to our original model. The CMOS sensor’s small 5.6µm x 5.6µm pixel size accurately detects fine details. While not sensitive enough to capture images of faint deep space objects, the Video Eyepiece enables you to share telescopic views of brighter objects within our solar system like the Moon and brighter planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

The 1.25" nosepiece is threaded for use with any Orion 1.25" eyepiece filter, so you can enhance your view to your liking by using a Moon filter, light pollution filter, color planetary filters, and more (filters sold separately). You can also use our StarShoot 0.5x Focal Reducer (sold separately) if you’d like to view a wider area.

The StarShoot Video Eyepiece Camera II is powered by the included AC-to-DC adapter.

With an Orion StarShoot Video Eyepiece you can start enjoying the night sky and daytime terrestrial views through your TV!

The StarShoot Video Eyepiece is compatible with the National Television System Committee (NTSC) standard only, which is used throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America (excluding Brazil and Argentina), Burma, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of the Philippines, and many Pacific island nations and territories.

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