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over 6 grams of meteorite tektite black 700,000 years old space rock A3TK-20  
these come from Thailand / Indochina... very nice specimen 🙂some believe that tektites protect from negative energies and or alien interference.  it will raise one's vibrations and strengthen the aura.  also a meditation stone to expand one's consciousness and bring deeper insight.  they also offer some healing energies.  they are a lot like obsidian (cooled, dried, hard lava)  but is not from volcanic materials.  tektites are formed by large meteorites or asteroids/comets impacting the earth, but they are principally composed of melted terrestrial earth rock.  traces of the extraterrestrial component may be found by detailed isotopic analyses.  meteorites come from space, tektites come from the earth.  meteorites hit the earth over 700,000 years ago and formed what we call tektite.  when held up to the light you will be able to see a light golden brown color around the thin edges. some are more translucent than others.  
yes, we do combine shipping by weight 🙂  color and size may vary from lighting, monitors, and many other reasons 🙂we will buy this back from you if you are not happy with it 🙂
thank you for shopping with us and have a wonderful day 🙂

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