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These are from a budget-Dob project that fell prey to "life intrudes" stuff. My loss can be your gain!

o Pair of well-annealed 12.5"-dia, 3/4"-thick plate glass mirror blanks;
o Complete set of 4 grits: 16 oz coarse, 12 oz medium, 8 oz prepolish, 8 oz white polish;

Note that University Optics in Ann Arbor, MI sells a high-quality lightweight Alu. mirrpr cell which will take the 12.5" size for ~$80.

There are a few tiny chips at the edges of the blanks which won't affect performance. I have rough ground a curve (approx. f/8) with #80 grit in one blank, which could be fine ground, reground to a different curve, or not used at all. One blank can be used as a tool, turned into a mirror if you already have a tool, or resold if it proves unneeded (if those are your druthers, I suggest you keep it around as a backup blank until the first-blank mirror is completed successfully).

As a bonus freebie, I'll throw in a Capri Tools 4-1/2 inch Premium Suction Cup Glass Handler and Dent Puller, a $15 value - see picture. An ideal tool for handling these heavy mirror blanks, and can also be used as an anchoring handle during the grinding process.
Price includes next-day shipping via USPS Priority Mail - US domestic only. The Capri Tools glass handler will ship separately at no extra charge.

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