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I bought this part to attach to my planetary scope, but I found out after buying it that I could not use it in my set up, which is very much "space restricted" (see in PICTURES OF MY SETUP), so it has been resting for a 3 or 4 years now in a pelican case!)

It allows to have a guider scope AND an additional "upper" port in your optical train. With this device, you can get 3 optical pathes out of your existing viewing port:
1) 2" Normal viewing "straight port" (as the one you have).
2) 1,25" Guiding port (it has a little mirror that can be precisely adjusted for a guiding camera).
3) 2" "Up port", that allows you to use another camera or an eyepiece there (you slide a big 45º mirror "in" ("up port" usage) or "out" ("straight through port" usage))

Given the out-of-business nature of manufacturer, I am selling this superb adapter at a higher price than original price. But market rules. Please, SEND IN YOUR OFFERS IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED.


  • Optical Manifold Specifications & Features: Slider 2
  • NEW STAINLESS STEEL (military spec - aircraft grade - high strength) hardware throughout
  • NEW SUPER durable pure "Glass Bead" (cold-worked - surface-hardened) body finish
  • NEW Nitrile seals that totally eliminate all internal stray light
  • NEW lighter Slider body utilizing aesthetic metal removal machining techniques
  • NEW double-cut DIAMOND knurled ports
  • NEW rounded corners - the box is gone! Long live the box!
  • Very short 2.5" body profile
  • Collimatable top slide-mirror port on all Sliders
  • Full 360 degree radius pick-off mirror control for Slider 2
  • Easiest guide star acquisition on the market - guaranteed!
  • FREE exclusive, zero profile built-in 2" filter changer/holder w/ejection plunger & light-blocking ring
  • 0.25" thick-wall const. for guaranteed zero flexure (no other flip-mirror device even comes close)
  • Large 1.75" (45mm) straight-through & diagonal clear aperture
  • VP Slider box dimensions = 2.5"H x 2.5"L x 5"W
  • Front input port = 2"-24tpi standard threaded slip-ring
  • Rear output (imaging) port = 2" ID x 0.75" deep w/filter slot
  • Top slide-mirror port = 2" ID x 1.3" insertion depth
  • Side pick-off port (VP Slider 2 only) = 1.25" ID x 1.5" deep
  • Main slide-mirror size = 2" x 2.5"
  • Side pick-off mirror size = 0.5" x 0.75" (extra-large 0.5" clear aperture)
  • Double black Nylon thumb screws (10-32) on all output ports
  • Aircraft-grade 6060-T6 aluminum (NAS620 or AN960 aeronautics specs) or better
  • Military specification 18-8 stainless steel (MS15795, MS27183 or ASTM A693) or better
  • Weight: less than 2 lbs.

LINK TO ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER (now unfortunately out of business due to a fire, I send my salutes to Paul)

  • Issues: none. Selling to fund other projects. My astronomy website is:


  • A WARNING WORD HEREMy descriptions are faithful. If I say an optic is clean, then it is clean. I am NOT a cold Corporation thinking up just in numbers and my selling here is a long term responsability activity. I want you to be sure you are paying for what I am describing. In fact, most of my items are over-described (I tend to look specifically for problems instead of overlooking them). If for some reason you think I missed it up, get back to me. I don't tend to mess around with people. Like most of you, I work out my life with others "Quid Pro Quo" style, which means that I TRY TO DO OTHERS WHAT I WOULD LIKE THEM TO DO WITH ME. 
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