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Unlike 'Boxes' I discovered the highest prices for combs went to USA listings. 'Combs' in collectible terms usually means hair ornaments used as decorate the hair or keep elaborate hair styles in place or prevent long hair being blown by the wind.

The Victorians tended to emulate ladies in stage shows and operas which, like films and television today, had a major impact on designs of clothing and accessories. Combs developed popularity from Bizet's opera, Carmen, wherein featured ladies wearing tortoiseshell combs that influenced fashion and paved the way for elaborate Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 1930s that are amongst the top selling items on eBay today. Some of those earliest designs, from the late 1800s to around the 1930s, can fetch thousands of pounds today, especially made from carved horn, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell or jet and created by iconic artists like Lalique (famous for glass ornaments), and Faberge (famous for many different intricate designs and almost always certain high price sellers on eBay).

Recent highest eBay prices include:

* 'Antique 1800s Stunning Celluloid Green Jewels Hair Comb' that fetched the equivalent of £24.59

* 'Antique Silver Hair COMB, 1800's' fetched the equivalent of £24.23

You'll see two areas of wasted space here, namely the word 'stunning' is superfluous and the comma in 1800's need not be there. Arguably the word 'Antique' is also wasting space in both listings; the term describes items aged 100 years plus, which both items clearly are. I'm not sure if 'Antique' is a word frequently used to search for collectable combs, I'd need to do an Advanced Search to be sure.

If 'antique' is a frequent search term it is rightly placed in those listings, if not it's wasting space that could have mentioned the maker, material or colour of the comb, among other things. Anyone selling combs should check completed listings via eBay's Advance Search facility, especially for a potentially valuable item.

Do it like this: Hit 'Advanced Search' to the right of eBay's normal search box mid-way down the page, next page key words in the search box to describe your item, tick the 'Completed Auctions Only' box, hit the 'Search' button. Next page, right side, at 'Price: Sort By', choose 'Highest Price'. Now look at all the listings showing green coloured prices, compared to red; green showing items that did sell, red indicating a non-sale.

Check out the highest sellers, see what words they used, study their pictures, learn from their pricing policies and descriptions.

Following from those earlier sales:

* A 'Ladies Silver Deco cased comb' fetched £21.60

* A 'Pretty Victorian Carved Horn Hair Comb' fetched £20.42

I particularly chose combs as one of the entries for this article due to a really wonderful selection of guides I found authored by an eBay seller specialising in vintage combs.

The thing I really like about combs is that about one hundred years ago virtually every female, not just women of means, had several combs, usually ornate and sometimes studded with gemstones and diamonds or hand painted and tipped with gold.

So many combs existing then, means a great many remaining now, and combs are amongst the most prolific exhibits at flea markets, collectors' fairs, offline auctions. They often appear in bulk, usually because the original owner has died or they've been handed down through the family until someone decides to sell them. And most people sell all in one go at auction or to local traders at flea markets and collector's fairs.

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What's the best internet browser I can download for a Blackberry Pearl?

I have a Blackberry Pearl, am on T-Mobile, and cuurently pay for an internet Data Plan. I was wondering if there were any good browsers for it, since the one it currently has can't process much. I heard it won't support Internet Explorer. Also, I heard that Opera Mini was a good one to download, so if any one has used this before, what are the pros and cons for it, and are there any others like it?
Thank You : )

Opermini is the best, just get version 4 or later, its about like the browser in an iPhone but not touch screen, it shows you the whole page then lets you zoom in. it gets real HTML pages not just the wap pages.

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