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I'm downsizing my collection of astrophography
gear. Philips ToUcam 740K webcams revolutionized planetary photography years
ago. They came with a fabulous (for the time) Sony CCD chip. In fact, some of
the best planetary pictures ever taken--to this day--were taken with these
webcams. I had a friend in the military stationed in Germany pick this up for
me years ago. I purchased a 1.25" eyepiece adapter for it. I have never
used it--not even once! The original packaging and stand are gone as is the
installation CD (The software and driver can be downloaded from the Philips site).
I printed out the documentation which I will send with it. It has been safely
stored in a box for years. These cameras were also modified--via instructions
found on the internet--for deep space photography. Mine hasn't been modified
for this. You won't find many of these around anymore. If you want a great,
reasonably priced, astrocamera, this one is for you!

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