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The unique internal diffusion baffle eliminates extreme highlights and
hotspots, creating even, natural lighting. The thick Duracloth exterior
allows you to maximize your light output for efficient energy use and
brilliant results. The face panel and internal baffle are all easily
removed allowing you to go from soft diffused lighting to high contrast
without changing you setup. The patented Quick-Release corners make
setup adn teardown a snap. A handheld carry bag is included for easy
carrying and storage.

  • The LiteDome Q39 is lightweight and portable

  • It can also be easily positioned overhead for use as a studio hairlight

  • A basic connector and a handled carrying case are included for easy transportation and storage.

This is a Photoflex LiteDome Q39, Small Softbox , 16 x 22 x 13" (41 x 56
x 33cm). Photoflex makes a wide variety of softboxes for use on your
strobes or hotlights. LiteDomes and MultiDomes are for use with strobes
only. SilverDomes and HalfDomes may also be used with hotlights. All
Photoflex softboxes require a Speed Ring Adapter, which must be
purchased separately. Choose a softbox according to the size of your
subject. For example, a small or extra small is appropriate for a
head-and-shoulders portrait, or a very small still-life such as a
paperweight. A medium softbox is good for a half-length portrait of an
adult. A large is suitable for a group portrait of 3 - 4 people. Choose a
softbox interior color for the lighting effect you want. White is the
most universal, giving the most softening effect. Silver gives a little
more punch and crispness. Gold (with the MultiDome only) adds that
punch, with a warmer tone. LiteDomes White Interiors Offer the most
softening Quick Release The Medium, Large and Extra Large LiteDomes
feature a Quick-Release tab that releases the tension on the framing
rods, to ease removal of the softbox from the Speed Ring. MultiDomes
Removable Panels Softbox begins with white interior Four panels each of
silver and gold may easily be fastened into place Mix and match colors,
or blank panels for more customized lighting effects SilverDomes Silver
Interiors Offer softening, but with an intensifying effect Adds specular
highlights to shiny surfaces Dual Use Heat-resistant - may be used with
strobes or hotlights Maximum wattage: X-Small - 500W, Small - 1000W,
Medium - 2000W, Large - 3000W, X-Large - 4000W HalfDomes Drama Formerly
known as "StripDome", HalfDomes are useful as an edge light from the
side, or a hair light when boomed overhead Accessories Grids, Strips,
Circle Masks Many (except X-Small and X-Large) accept these
light-shaping devices that easily fasten to the front of the softbox Use
a fabric grid to greatly limit the spread of the light Use strip and
circle masks to change the shape of a reflection on your subject --
example: a circle mask will make a more natural catch light in a
subject's eyes Note:Provide ample ventilation when using flash heads
that have modeling lights. Do not use a modeling light higher than 300
watts with a LiteDome or MultiDome.

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