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Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360 by Wild Planet is one of the best selling toys on Amazon this Christmas season and is being touted as a must have toy for junior spies, but is this super selling toy worth your hard earned money? Spy Gear Spy Video ATV 360 is like buying three toys all wrapped into one super toy and that alone will appeal to many budget conscious buyers.

First, you have the appeal of the ATV itself. This RC controlled ATV is a powerhouse. It is able to drive over most obstacles like piles of laundry, rugs, and dirt mounds thanks to the ATV's thick black treads. The exterior is made out of plastic but it's a heavy plastic which will stand up well to children's rough housing. Overall this is a very sturdy product. The ATV can be controlled from a long distance away, even another room or floor of the house. The remotes may be a little difficult to handle for a younger child but most children familiar with other RC equipment will catch on easily.

Beyond the ATV itself there's also black and white video surveillance capabilities. The video is shot on top of the ATV and then sent to a remote viewer so that the child can "spy" what's going on in the area the ATV is in. The video is of relatively good quality for the price of the product and shows up fine on the small screen. The fact that the camera can show a three hundred sixty degree angle is definitely a plus. It would have been nice to have additional control vertically. It's a lot of fun to see the surveillance footage in places you wouldn't normally have access to such as under the couch.

Finally, the Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360 can also record sound at the location of the ATV and send it back to an earpiece giving people the chance to spy in on conversations. The included ear bud has good sound quality.

The only major downfall to the Spy Gear Spy Video ATV is the fact that it takes twelve double A batteries which can run out rather quickly. If you plan on using this toy often it may be worthwhile to invest in a set of twelve rechargeable batteries.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360 is definitely a toy children will get a lot of use out of. Considering all of it's features it's a great buy.

You should visit Wild Planet Spy Gear ATV for additional information and reviews of this product. For more great toy selections this holiday season visit Best Christmas Toys.

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