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How To Pick A Good Pair Of Binoculars

Binoculars aka field glasses are like two telescopes pointed at the same area. It is easy to perceive depth because it has two lenses and not just one, like a monocular.

The binoculars have been around since about the 17th century after telescopes have been invented. People use to mount two telescopes side by side and looked through them with both eyes.

Between the 1850-1890s, a prism type of binocular was invented that allowed greater depth perception by allowing the eye pieces to be spaced wider apart. These binoculars allow greater magnification.

The most affordable binoculars are porro prisms that allow for brighter images and are precise instruments. These binoculars are wider and sometimes need to be re-aligned.

An expensive kind of prism binocular is the roof prism binocular. This binocular is smaller and narrower but loses some brightness. The good think about them is that they usually never have to be re-alligned. They are also much lighter. Optical coating fixes this problem. That is why many roof prism binoculars are coated.

Optical Coating is a great feature that helps make a brighter image by reducing the amount of light that is reflected. Reflected light inside the binoculars makes the image hazy.

General Binoculars are focused by moving a round wheel that focuses both telescopes at once. More sophisticated binoculars use independent focus which means that each side of the binocular needs to be adjusted individually.

Some binoculars have image stabilization technology which dampen sudden movement. It can usually be turned on or off by the user. This means that very high powered binoculars can be hand held when normally they couldn't. The image quality is not always as good for stabilized binoculars, and they are usually more expensive.

Coin-operated binoculars are very popular in many tourist attractions. They allow a more detailed view. These are always mounted on a pedestal and are usually high powered.

Military Binoculars are usually hand held and at a magnification of 5x or 7x. Military binoculars are more rugged and sturdy than regular binoculars and they also use independent focusing because it is more sturdy than central focusing. Most military binoculars also have special features that help it work when wet or to block out laser beams. Sea binoculars are meant to be easier on the eyes because of the sea rocking back and forth.

Astronomical Binoculars allow people to view certain elements of the sky from far away. There are many moons and planets that can be viewed with binoculars. Pluto, Eris and Uranus can all be seen easier with the use of binoculars. Some users use lower magnification binoculars so they can have a larger field of view than if they used a higher magnification.

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Does anybody know how to make a binocular/periscope?I don't want a regular plain periscope.10 pts to best answ

I have to create an optical device that would allow you to look at an object about 1 m above u and from about 10 cm of distance away or any distance away. I have to use mirrors, lnses, and prisms. I don't want to make a regular periscope because that's uncreative. We're being marked on origanilty as well. I sorta wanna make a periscope/ binoculars. Something that works lie a periscope but you put it up to your eyes and you can get different magnifications. Please help! Any suggestions guys? I would be so grateful if you have a website.
i get the wheel part, but not exactly the shaft part. what do u mean?

For the different magnifications you could install a wheel type device. Only the upper portion of the wheel is exposes so you can turn the wheel to various positions simply by turning the wheel along the exposed portion.
Inside the wheel actually has several lenses attached to it, as the wheel turns the next lens aligns itself so that the image is being magnified with the lens in alignment. The wheel should have definite stops that can be felt as one turns the wheel. The stops must be at the point of alignment for the lens.
Therefore, by looking through the device, one can turn the wheel on top to rotate to the next lens and view an object at different magnifications.
The wheel could be installed on to a shaft, like a flywheel is on the motor of a car. The shaft is supported by brackets mounted to the housing, and the shaft hold the lenses in a plastic like wheel device itself. As the wheel turns the shaft turns to align the lens, as described above.The thing to do is to set it up so the wheel you turn only turns the shaft, this way a smaller wheel can be used to turn this shaft. It could be a gear to gear relationship between the wheel and the shaft.

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