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College Football Instant Replay-different from pros?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that in the pros the ruling on the field stands unless there is clear and indisputable evidence that it was wrong. Is it the same in college football?
Please elaborate and list your source. Thanks tons!

NFL-A challenge can only be made on certain reviewable calls before the two minute warning in each half when the team has at least one time-out remaining in the half. When a coach decides to challenge a call, he throws a red flag onto the field, indicating the challenge to the referees. Up until the 2005 season, coaches could also signal a challenge via an electronic pager, now used only by the replay assistant.[2]

The referee has 60 seconds to watch the instant replay of the play and decide if the original call was correct. The referee must see "indisputable visual evidence" for a call to be overturned. If the challenge fails, the original ruling stands and the challenging team is charged with a timeout. If the challenge overrules the previous call, the call is reversed with no loss of a timeout.

NCAA-In 2006, the NCAA Football Rules Committee enacted instant replay guidelines and added them to the football playing rules. For games involving two schools from the same conference, league policy determines whether replay will be used. For non-conference games, the home team makes the determination.

Plays involving the sideline, goal line, end zone and end line, as well as other detectable situations, are reviewable (e.g., fumble/no fumble, pass complete/incomplete, touchdown/no touchdown, runner down/not down, player or ball inbounds/out of bounds, clock adjustments). Most fouls (e.g., holding, offside, pass interference) are not reviewable, except that in 2006, illegal forward passes, handoffs and punts from beyond the line of scrimmage, and too many players on the field are reviewable and the foul may be called after replay review.

When replay is used, a Replay Official (usually a former college, NFL or XFL game official) reviews every play at its conclusion from a secure booth in the press box. Most plays are routine and the game continues without interruption. If, however, the following criteria are met, the Replay Official may interrupt the contest by paging the game officials to stop the game before the next play starts. The criteria are:

* There is reasonable evidence to believe an error was made in the initial on-field ruling.
* The play is reviewable.
* Any reversal of the on-field ruling, which can only result from indisputable video evidence, would have a direct, competitive impact on the game.

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