Proof Twist

1 Liter of vodka and a 6 pack of twisted tea, is that enough?

Would 1 liter of vodka(80 proof) and a 6 pack of Twisted Tea be enough for me and 2 of my friends? Both of them are rather lightweights, me not so much. Thanks in advance.

I'd get another bottle of vodka, possibly just a 35cl if you can't get a bigger one. Personally, I can get drunk sharing a 70cl bottle of vodka, but not as drunk as I want to be. I generally drink the most (cos I'm normally the one that buys it!) so 50cl might be sufficient. I prefer to drink more but it depends how wasted I want to be. 2 lightweights, if I take my friends as an example, would happily be drunk from 35cl each. That makes 1.4L of vodka needed, so 1.35cl is good enough. Also if the vodka is 40% then not a problem.

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