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QHY183C - Color Cooled CMOS Astrophotography Camera

The QHY183C camera uses the back-illuminated Exmor R Sony IMX183 20MP
sensor for higher sensitivity and quantum efficiency than traditional
front-illuminated designs. This color sensor has an active array of
5544 x 3694 pixels that are 2.4um in size, with readout noise as low as
one (1) electron! This CMOS astrophotography camera is capable of 4K HD
(25 FPS) video output and full resolution real time output at 15 frames
per second.

This can take great advantage of high resolution telescope optics,
reduce the effects of atmospheric jitter, and obtain deep-sky images
with rich details and high resolution. At the same time, short exposure
can also reduce the requirements for tracking accuracy making the night
more productive

The pictures Was made Nov. & Dec 20/19 inSharpCap Live Stacks The Shots are 1Hr. to Hr.1 1/2 Lone Using Just 10 t0 25s Subs

All semiconductors produce a small amount of light when powered up,
causing brighter spots in the corners of the sensor where the high gain
amplifiers are housed. Amplifier glow is most noticeable during long
exposures taken with CMOS astrophotography cameras. The QHY183C camera
has an anti-amp light control circuit to reduce amplifier glow
You Need  to go to to Get your User Manual &
System DriverQHY183M/C User Manual And Document
QHY183M/C User Manual And DocumentYou Get what you see in the Pictures & A Very Nice Box
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