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If you are looking for a camera with the Kodak KAF-3200ME chip,
and you don't want to pay $7,000 - $12,000, read on ---

I am selling my QSI-532, which is in excellent condition.
Note this does not have a filter wheel, I use a Gerd Neumann filter drawer, listed separately.
Also note this does not have an OAG, I use a separate guide scope with an SBIG-402 camera, also listed separately.
Also note this chip does not have anti-blooming.

I am the original owner. It has 5 years of use on it, I bought it new in 2007,
and used it thru early 2012. It's been in its case in the closet since then,
at first because I was spending all my meagre free time in Pixinsight, later
because I no longer have time for astrophotography.

This camera has 2 partial columns of warm pixels which easily calibrate out.
They are located in the lower right quadrant.
Linear darks and bias files, both individual and stacked, are available on request.

The sale includes the camera, the power supply, the CD w/ drivers (I've used
Win7 and XP), the USB cable, the RJ-11 guider cable, and the QSI case.
Also a 2 inch nosepiece, not shown.

I also have a custom-made filter drawer which allows me to use a Canon telephoto
lens with the camera. If you are interested I can quote you an additional price,
otw I'll sell that later.

The photo of M33 was taken with a TEC-140 at 980mm FL.
The photo of the California Nebula was taken with a Canon lens at 200mm FL.
The buyer pays shipping. I prefer PayPal and I will pay the PayPal fee.
International buyers are welcome but you also pay all customs import fees
to your country.

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