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If you are serious about the sport of hunting then you likely equip yourself with the best possible gear you can afford. Then let's face it, Gerber hunting knives are at the top of the charts when it comes to a quality knife.

These knives are not just for hunters though. Serious collectors understand the value and quality of the Gerber name.

Back in 1939, the Gerber hunting knives were born. Since then, they have had numerous knives of different shapes and sizes on the market.

When you buy a Gerber, you are buying a product that has been crafted with skill and precision by people who care about what they are doing. This is an obvious trait in all their knives.

Joseph Gerber who was in the advertising business was the founder of the company and his original plan was to hire a person to make some kitchen knives that he could give away to his advertising clients.

These original knives proved to be very popular so he decided to invest all his time into the knife making business.

Gerber hunting knives remain one of the top products in its class even after almost seven decades. Experienced hunters like these knives because they can feel a change in the cutting pattern when the knife starts to get dull. This allows them to identify when it is time to sharpen the blade.

Many hunters are quite aware of how a good knife looks on their belt. Gerber hunting knives show that the hunter is experienced and knowledgeable. However, just because you have a Gerber on your belt does not mean you are a good hunter, but you will look the part.

There are a number of good quality Gerber hunting knives available on the market today including the following:

  • Freeman Hunter
  • Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath
  • Magnum Camo Jr
  • The Firestorm

In conclusion, if you are serious about hunting then you should be serious about your hunting knife. Gerber hunting knives are valued for their quality and artisanship by experienced hunters all across North America.

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By M. Applebaum

Shotgun recommendation?

Looking for a quality shotgun. I don't hunt, mainly for home defense. Something simple, not oversized. Simple design, simple operation. maybe pump action. Something with a "tactical" look, as opposed to a camo version. Ideas?

Bound's hubby here:

First, Krash is making many good, valid and poignant points!

My recommendation would be an affordable, low maintenance pump shotgun with a (legal) short barrel. My recommendation is a Remington 870 Express with a short barrel, which can generally be purchased for less than $300. Please see link below. Remington pumps rarely jam, and they are very safe in stress situations. The green finish is not camo, but a military type phosphate finish.

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