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Questar 3.5" Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

This is the top of the line Duplex model with a Cervit mirror and Broadband coatings.
It appears that it was made in 1979
The serial number: 9-CV-DP-XXXX-BB

This Questar telescope is in beautiful condition and was checked out by the Questar factory earlier this year.

The best optics, the best optical coatings, the most performance per inch of aperture, the most features and flexibility - if you want the most astronomical telescope and terrestrial spotting scope that a very small package can provide, this Questar Duplex with a Cervit mirror and Broadband optical coatings is it.

The American made Questar has, since 1954, been acclaimed as an elegant and refined practical tool for astronomy. In other words the Rolls-Royce of compact telescopes. The fundamental attributes attracting such praise remains the same today as it was: performance, convenience, and reliability. The Questar 3-½ is among the last of few products in production over the recent decades where no practical or aesthetic aspect has been compromised in order to cut costs. This arguably remains the best balance of essential attributes in the carry-on portable class of telescope - downright easy to set up and rewarding to use.

The Duplex is the most versatile of all the Questar 3-½" telescopes, providing a portable spotting telescope or ultra telephoto lens (for use as the Field Model) without the need to carry the weight and bulk of a fork mount. The OTA of the Duplex is furnished with a machined aluminum base threaded to accept the common 1/4"-20 tpi, and 3/8" mounting bolts and so it is a simple matter to attach the OTA onto a variety of tripods, heads, or other fixturing hardware.

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