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MINT! Rare to find a specimen as perfect as this one with so many extras!

Serial Number 5-8923-BB
Pyrex Mirror, Broad Band & Low Reflection Coatings, Mdl. 10214
MINT CONDITION- The only defect is a broken Battery cover! (Easily and cheaply replaced)


Serial Number 5-8923-BB

Pyrex Mirror, Broad Band & Low Reflection Coatings, Mdl. 10214

Battery cover is broken

A BRIEF HISTORY Questar Corporation was founded in 1950 by the
inventor of the 3.5” telescope, LawrenceBraymer. Mr. Braymer lived in
Solebury, Bucks County and was an illustrator by trade. His wife,
Marguerite Braymer, an advertising executive, was his active partner in
the development of the company. He had a passion for fine art and
artistic detail – and loved astronomy. He designed,applied for and
received a patent in 1948 for what is now referred to as “The Questar,
thefinest small telescope ever made.” His design was revolutionary in
its compactness,durability and portability. The 1960’s and 1970’s were
an exciting time for research – both in industries related to the Cold
War and medical advancements. Questar was on the cutting edge with its
unique design and innovative application opportunities. The initial
design of the astronomical telescope evolved to encompass the microscope
and surveillance lines of optical and scientific instruments. Located
in New Hope for the product final assembly and testing, Questar works
hand in glove with their optics manufacturer, two machine shops and a
paint shop located throughout the United States. Over 200 parts comprise
the Questar Astronomical Telescope – and every part of each and every
telescope, microscope or surveillance instrument is inspected, tested
andassembled to the minute quality tolerances upon which the standard of
our industry hasbeen set. Questar has over 50 dealers and
representatives throughout the world – in all sectors of business and
industry. Loyal Questar employees take pride in their personal service,
their attention to detail andin the fine hand crafted scientific
instruments they ship worldwide.

The product shown is the exact item up for sale. Please email us any questions you may have concerning this listing.

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