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This is a Natural Indochinite Tektite Splashform in Excellent Well-preserved Condition With Beautiful Surface Markings and Unique Features!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Rare NATURAL Tektite! Many are Selling Obsidian or Other 'Look-a'likes' which are not Authentic Tektites and Do Not have the same Feel, Energy, or Density as Genuine Tektites.

This Unique Tektite has a Dark or Black tone with Beautiful Surface Textures with a Unique Large Crater! Inside some of the surface markings is orange/red sand from the original impact! This Tektite has a Dark Green/Black tone when held up to the light!

DIMENSIONS: 2" x 1.5" x 1.2"
WEIGHT: 59.8g.

Tektites are silica-rich and Naturally Formed Glass Remnants from a Comet or Meteoride collision. These Rare Stones formed under Mysterious Conditions that are Not of Terrestrial Origin and scientists still debate where in space these unique specimens came from. Tektites have been found in only four major geographic regions in the world. Geological and Radioactive dating show that different geographic groups have different impact ages; the Indochinite Tektites, being around 700,000 years old! These Unique Indochina Tektites are found in Strewnfields typically thousands of miles across in Southeast Asia in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam!

Black Indochinite Tektites are one of the 12 Synergy Stones that Vibrate with High Frequency and Work Highly Effectively. This Amazing Tektite will Help Raise Personal Vibration Levels, Telepathic Communication, and Connecting with ETs. Tektites are Rare Glassy Remnants of Ancient Impacts from Space and are among the most Powerful Stones for Bringing Spiritual Energies into the Physical, Astral, and Etheric Bodies. Tibetan Monks are said to have Revered Tektites calling them the "Stone of Shambala." Enjoy its Calming and Vibrant Energy!

Arrives Safely Packaged!

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