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Offered is a vintage tray from a telescope mount with a working light fixture. These trays fit between the legs of telescope tripods (stands). Trays with working light fixtures in this condition are rare to find. This tray is strongly built. The bulb shade is painted metal, and metal is not thin and flimsy like some of the similar trays I have seen. The only plastic parts are a sleeve that holds the two batteries, and some small non-metallic parts the wiring connects to.
Marked "Japan."
I acquired this without any other telescope parts. I do not know what telescope brand or model this came with.

Please read the condition and see the pics. This is not an unblemished item, but one that is good for it's age. From a several feet away it looks like a black tray.
Note: the light cuts-out (turns off) when moving the bulb end around, but turns back on when moving it back toward the location it was when the light was working. This indicates a short or broken connection that could be tracked down and fixed.
This comes with three wing nuts on each corner that work fine.
The battery container is clean and I see no evidence of corrosion from batteries left inside.It uses two AA batteries (not included).
There are 7 holes that 0.965 eyepieces would fit. There are three smaller holes about 12-14 mm in diameter; I don't know if anything its into those.

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