What do Peugeot the auto maker Tennis and a French aviator have in common The answer is Roland Garros. Still confused next read on and find out about the wonderful relationship involving the three. Roland Garros was a The first world war fighter pilot who has been also famous for being the first person to have a non-stop flight across the Mediterranean and beyond from Southern People from france to Tunisia. Roland Garros was also the first pilot to realize a shooting-down method at a fighter plane by using a tractor propeller. Which lead to some victories against the Italians until Garros crash gotten in German property on April 1915. He or she survived and even after being kidnapped Garros managed to escape in February 1918. Unfortunately upon 5th October 1918 Roland Garros ended up being shot down in addition to killed while even now serving for the People from france army. Royal navy telescope 1915 Going on to the particular 1920s there was a tennis centre which had been regularly attended through Roland Garros while he was a college student in Paris. In respect to his operate and dedication for the country this football centre was named Stade de Roland Garros. This is the arena that now props up French Open plus the Grand Slam competitive events which are known technically as Roland Garros. The Roland Garros tournaments are held involving early May as well as late July And so weve covered french aviator and then how their name went on being used by a football centre which then transferred onto becoming the category of a substantial tennis competition. Now well search what Peugeot have to do with all of this. Peugeot is a major France carmaker they are officially the second biggest carmaker in Europe. 26 years ago Peugeot became the official associate of the French Golf Federation. This also made them the cutting edge partner of the International Grand Slam tennis tournament known as the German Open of Roland Garros. 1989 discovered the making of Roland Garros Limited edition variation of Peugeots 205 model that has been done in celebration to the tennis tournament. The Roland Garos models are painted in a dark green paint and have cream and green leather internal and red seat belts. They also have your Roland Garros logo on them. Due to success of the special limited edition version Peugeot proceeded to go onto releasing a few more models such as the 106 206 and very soon to come the New Peugeot 207. But there is one major variation on the latest Roland Garros design Peugeot have decided to drop the actual dark green paint perform and cream indoor. Instead the New Peugeot 207 will come in a canary yellow but nonetheless has the Roland Garros badge in a very greyscale colour. Its been practically 26 years because Peugeot became a part of in france they Tennis Federation and as time passes theyve not only launched special edition cars following your Roland Garros name. Theyve furthermore made Roland Garros Scooters and Bicycles. Also since 1996 Peugeot has been dedicated in amateur tennis and have created The Roland Garros Encounters which is its own blended double tournament.

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