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Safety glasses are always recommended for people dealing with high levels of laser activity. Optical protection devices is the first line in the defense of protecting ones against harm that may be caused due to exposure to laser beams. Doctors always use protective eyewear to shield their eyes from flashback when they perform laser skin resurfacing and many other laser surgery procedures. Laboratory techs can also benefit greatly from using laser safety glasses when completing research and experimentation.

Standards of the Product

In the developing of laser safety goggles, there has been a certain level of craftsmanship that manufacturers must adhere to. This set of job requirement standards are presented through the ANSI Z136 series of standards. The use of basic lasers is graded as an ANSI Z2136.1 product. The work is done in an environment of Optical Fiber Communication Systems. Protective eyewear must always adhere to these standards and all jobs involving laser diode and LED sources will greatly benefit from a product designed using this standard.

Products under standard are clear for safety use for lasers used in the health care capacity. A pair of glasses will have the ANSI stamp of approval, which guarantees them in an educational setting. When using the glasses outdoors, a pair of ANSI Z136.6 laser safety goggles is recommended for use.

Companies Who Manufacture Laser Safety Eyewear

When thinking of selecting goggles for purchase, you will find a wide array of filters and frames to pick from. To pick which one will give the best protection, visibility and comfort, it is a good idea to check different brands and see what they offer. For example, some companies will give customers a small accessory kit, include cleaning materials and storage case. Below, we have listed a few details about some of the laser safety goggle companies in the industry:

Trinity Technologies

The metal frames are comfortable and gives you a choice of optional side shields. Laser eye goggles come in a wide variety of sizes, including the standard small, medium and large. Other things to consider are lens height, eye and temple size and pupillary distance. The distance between the lenses is taken into consideration as well, providing people with a comfortable fit. Prescription lenses are also available, convenient accessories, lens cloth and cleaner, protective case and head straps are also available for purchase.

Cascade Laser Corporation

Every pair of safety glasses sold by this company meets the ANSI standards. This means the product is perfect for use for basic, safe use of lasers. For people who may need an additional pair of goggles, the optical density and corresponding wavelength is made clearly visible on the eyewear. When you purchase goggles from Cascade, they also include a protective cover, cleaning solution, cloth, safety stay and easy to read instructions about the use, care and proper storage of the goggle.

Philips Safety Products

Not only do the people who use lasers need eyewear protection, the Phillips Safety Company offers a wide array of top-quality laser goggles, there are several options for patients of laser doctors to utilize. Phillips presents efficient goggles that block out laser rays and have fully adjustable stainless steel eye cups and nose pieces. Of all the best features offered by this eyewear, they are unbreakable and are a wonderful cost-effective choice for physicians to use.

There is much more to explore on the subject of prescription safety glasses. We make the information simple, visit plant-care.

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