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Replacement bags for Kirby Generation 3 models will also fit Kirby's Heritage II, Legend, and Legend II vacuum cleaner bags. Available in fiber, these are also manufactured with an allergy reduction filter that has been electrostatically charged to capture microscopic particles and reduce the level of allergens in the home. Kirby G5 vacuum cleaner bags are also sized to fit the G5 models as well. The two model series share replacement parts as well as bags; the belts, bag/tube tie, and bag clamp, as examples, fit both series.

Only the G4 cloth bag is sized so as to exclude the G5 model line, and the G4 vacuum cleaner hose, dust brush, upholstery nozzle, wall-ceiling brush, and surface nozzle fit only the appliances in that series. As for the Kirby G5, it shares a number of spare parts with the succeeding GSix model line. Shared parts include the replacement vacuum cleaner brush roll with a magnet; the vacuum cleaner fan fits the entire line of Generation 3, G4, G5 and GSix models; and the fill tube fits not only the GSix models but also the Legend, Heritage 1HD, Heritage 2HD, Generation 3, G4, and G5.

Just as Kirby's GSix, Ultimate G and G2000 share vacuum cleaner bags and latches designed to identical specifications, so too do these three product lines share interchangeable hoses, tools, wands, brushes and attachments. The same vacuum cleaner hose, crevice tool, extension wand, and dust brush fit all these successive models. These series also share the same spare parts. The GSix vacuum cleaner belt is designed as a generic to fit all models; as are the replacement fan, fill tube, rug plate, and shampoo brush roll.

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Another, which telescope should I get, question.?

I'm currently deployed overseas, so I'm looking for something that can easily shipped back home in a tuff box when I leave. Also, this will be my first telescope. I was thinking about the Celestron NexStar SE series, but see many mixed reviews, now I'm thinking about the Orion Starblast 6. I don't want to buy binoculars either, I know they'd be the most portable. Any ideas would really help me out, thanks.
I guess I'm needing something that's decent until I jump into something more expencive after l get home and do more learning, and hands on research.

I have a NexStar 6SE, which has gotten consistently favourable reviews in the magazines and online, including my review here:

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